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  1. BRAND NEW with tags Wms Garmont Venus G-Fit Telemark Boots. Size is 25.5 which is a wms 9. Liners can be heat fitted. Will arrange a drop off or shipping. $300 OBO SOLD - Congrats Amber!
  2. It was a SPOT. Sounds like the climber fell early on the route and that they were carrying overnight gear to carry over to climb Prussik next. I assume Noah will tell us more at some point.
  3. February 08 200 lbs June 08 185 lbs another 10 to go!
  4. It's really been snowing hard in Leavenworth since last night. Please check the avy if you plan on playing in the next few days. Sounds like it is going to dump for a day or two more.
  5. We went for a hike today around Bridge Creek. Pretty warm and thin. Didn't take tools, just out to stretch the legs. It will be a while before anything comes in.
  6. It snowed today about 500' above Leavenworth, but was pretty sunny today. I'm guessing it will be a while. (Morning temps in Cashmere are still high 30s.)
  7. For anyone who was ever rescued, lost and then found, etc. in the North Cascades you probably owe Tony your life. Tony is an amazing pilot and I felt lucky to have worked with him during my tenure at N. Cascades NP. Tony knows the park like the back of his hand and would always go above and beyond. I'm glad he is ok.
  8. Hey everybody. I just got a plea from my good friend Lincoln Else who has been the climbing ranger at Yosemite for a number of years. Lincoln is volunteering with the Khumbu Climbing School one of the projects of the Alex Lowe organization. The KCS helps train Nepalis to safely work in the mountaineering field. Lincoln is looking for folks to make donations to make this possible. If you can help click Donate . Thanks for your help and generosity
  9. On a related topic.. what's the new (dirty, dirty) sport route below Ordinary Crack en route to Glass Eye. Seemed fun even if the crux was too much for our wobbly knees.
  10. I'm still waiting for the Liberty Link-up. Liberty Ridge and Liberty Crack!! What's the current record? Anyone do them in the same season? (Probably not from CO..)
  11. Tim - That was my housemate Dave that was nearby on saturday. Did you get any pics? Sounds like your partner didn't enjoy it as much as you did..
  12. Gone.. Couch available May 1st. Standard rates apply.
  13. Room available in newer house in town. $300 + utilities. No pets, no smoking. PM me
  14. women's gamut pants size 8. thx
  15. anyone know details about this semi-secret urban legend? When and where does it happen?
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