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  1. Catscan into Zion

    you sit at a computer most of the day and you can't take 2 minutes to plug in your camera and show us the pride of your loins?
  2. list of cc.comies you'd most like to meet

    perhaps ... just not to anyone i haven't met.

    i too miss my personalized title. wtf? why you gotta be so mean???
  4. stores in Seattle

    perhaps the point is you're likely to find just as much climbing stuff at MEC than at REI, and it'll cost you a lot less in gas.
  5. Catscan into Zion

    now *that* is FUNNY shit! and, yeah ... where are the hell are the pix???
  6. list of cc.comies you'd most like to meet

    i think i've already met them and the quality of a number of those folks is so high i don't really see how anybody else could even come close.
  7. Does anyone use Rivnuts anymore?

    i could probably have used one of those tools there a month or so ago - i had to buy one at tacoma screw for an ungodly sum of money. so ... YES ... rivnuts are still used. if for nothing else, four of them are used in the installation of a roof ladder on a land rover discovery.
  8. opinions of K2 Public Enemy and Nancy (06/7)?

    ps - i actually find these skis to be pretty solid performers. i don't ski bumps unless i have to (or want to be punished) ... and i'm a light skier. if you don't like wood skis don't bother, though - some people prefer a damper ski they can muscle around more.
  9. opinions of K2 Public Enemy and Nancy (06/7)?

    don't have a clue about nancy, but i have a pair of public enemies i mounted with tele bindings. oddly enough i rented a pair with regular downhill bindings because i love the skis and was curious if i'd prefer to have them mounted with downhill bindings (because my tele skills are a little lacking) ... but i actually didn't like them as much with downhill bindings. i don't do much in the park except skim around; they're all mountain skis for me. people hate skiing behind me when i use 'em (because they kick up so much spray) ... but maybe they just need to learn how to ski faster. ;-) i love my public enemies. i'm changing out a couple of other pairs of skis in my quiver that i'm not so happy with, but i won't change my PE's. :-)
  10. I'm heading up to Canmore this week. If you're looking for a ride to there or somewhere along the way and are willing to contribute to the thirst of my gas-guzzler, send me a PM. Sorry for the short notice, though - I'm either leaving late Wednesday or early Thursday. Shoot me a PM if you're interested or have any questions. (I can proffer a return ride about a week later, on or around the 25th.) Valid passports only; I don't need bullshit at the border.
  11. Need a ride to Canmore or places in between?

    don't be. it was a short-lived trip. hopefully next time i get to stay longer. thanks, serenity. :-) i have way more oly pen photos - i am just super way behind on uploading my stuff ...
  12. Shared Summits: 2007 American Ascent of K2

    dan bowie rocks. and he is way cuter than the guy in that poster. (sorry, dude!) excellent show - much more detailed ascent story than usual ... and you can't beat that canadian wit for providing an entertaining narrative. quite a story that he made it down on his own volition when people were literally stepping over him, refusing to offer an injured fellow climber any assistance whatsoever. i wish i was that tough! i hope he comes back with another presentation after he climbs annapurna.
  13. who killed archenemy?

  14. Pasta

    you're making me hungry again!
  15. Mount Baker Monday

    gettin' a little eager, are we?
  16. HELL YES

    i hope you're making some for the ho's, too. (pimps ain't the only ones who wear clothes.)
  17. who killed archenemy?

  18. my 1000th post


    whoa; that looks trippy. it would freak me out if an icicle i was climbing starting swinging like that, though!
  20. Pasta

    clam sauce ... mmm. but i'd probably put it on angel hair.
  21. Pasta

    i forgot to mention that i'm actually eating pasta right now. some kind of "chicken quesadilla" flavored deal - to which i added a bunch of corn and tapatio. if only i had ground beef in the house! (this is a new flavor i decided to try since it was on sale and i was feeling lazy - i actually put it back twice before finally deciding to get it, though.)
  22. Pasta

    my favorite dry is from pappardelles pasta (pike place market); my favorite wet is from pasta & co. (university village). but i like all kinds of pasta ... including gnocchi and stuffed pastas. what i put on it usually depends on the type of pasta and what i've got in the house - i love sauces, but i'll eat it plain if i have to! sorry; not very specific ... but i have rather eclectic taste in pasta.
  23. Seattle Live Music Saturday

    sounds like nice mellow music. not sure i'll be capable of doing anything after freezing my ass off watching the huskies get pummeled all evening, but if for some reason i am ... i'll keep the show in mind.
  24. Burning flying snaffle

  25. Burning flying snaffle