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  2. Sea to Sky Gondola closed due to vandalism

    How is the investigation going? Pretty weird to have a bunch of shit to say in the first 24 hours, and a complete silence for 7 days after.
  3. chucK has passed away

    Somewhere near Beaver Lake on a "trip" to play in the snow, about 20 years ago. I am sure he still has that t-shirt and probably still has those pants.
  4. [TR] Mt Logan - Fremont Glacier 08/04/2019

    Fun hike. Would be a good solo @Alisse
  5. Mt Goode lost tentpoles

    Maybe if you post a TR (with lots of pretty pics) more will see your lost and found request?
  6. Thanks @wayne, glad you liked it. We had more than a bit of time at Frenzel camp to contemplate your mind melting ascent of Mongo Ridge. So rad, and so out there, and so scary! It will stand the test of time no doubt, maybe even more audacious than those mythical Doorish routes.
  7. Nice report, I didn't sign registers much back then. what great memories your trip will be for you and your friends!
  8. Last week
  9. Mt Goode lost tentpoles

    Hey there,On Aug 5th myself and a buddy topped out Mt Goode after climbing the NE buttress. Unfortunately on the next day some tentpoles and a ground cloth came off my backpack, probably just below the SW couloir. They are in a small, moss green sack and I sure would love to have them back! I didn't notice they'd come off until waaaaay further down the mountain. Beers and huge good karma await you as a reward!Thanks and have fun up there;)Will
  10. Stellar work.. thanks for sharing.. I can never see enough photos from Frenzel camp.. or Pickett Pass... tho I'll never get there myself.. they are basically some of my favorite places on this earth...
  11. lost Lost Iphone 7 plus

    Hey there! I lost my Iphone 7 plus while backpacking in Sisters, Oregon. Could have been anywhere between Camp Lake to the PCT Junction near Reese Lake. Black Phone with a clear case and blue border. There are several photos of myself and friends on the back. If found, email me at nelson@sonoma.edu
  12. Slesse Crossover Descent Landslide

    This is my favorite.
  13. Summer skiing

    A couple of weeks ago now, but the Eliot glacier had pretty good July turns!
  14. chucK has passed away

    Man, pretty surreal. I didn't actually know Chuck through climbing (I'm new to the area), but was part of a weekly get-together with him to play boardgames. We'd chat climbing on occasion, but I had no idea he was such a fixture in the community. Brilliant dude who always seemed to just edge us out (seriously, he won constantly and it was frustrating). He'll certainly be missed and I'm bummed I didn't get a chance to climb with him.
  15. chucK has passed away

    Chuck was a great guy! He and I climbed Burgundy Spire and Rebel Yell on Chiante. That was a great weekend trip.
  16. for sale Price Drop! La Sportiva G2 SM—New! size 44.0

    Bump Still got ‘em. Brand new. Drop to $500
  17. chucK has passed away

    Pretty upsetting news. Other than Chuck being a long time moderator here we worked down the hall from each other at the UW for a number of years. Just super sad for his family and friends.
  18. chucK has passed away

    Very sad news. I'll miss Chuck's sarcastic sense of humor, his brotherly teasing, his intelligence, and his adventurous and ready spirit. I spent one of my all-time favorite mountain climbing days with Chuck when we climbed the full North Ridge of Mt. Stuart in a day, which was his idea and turned out great. It was one of those days of alpine perfection. We didn't see another human the whole day and we flowed up the route in the glittering sunshine. I can close my eyes and recall a dozen moments from that day. Memories that I have cherished to this day, but are now a bit heavier. Thank you for that day! I will miss you my friend.
  19. Looking for Partners

    Hey Im also looking for partners in the Seattle area for alpine climbing among other things. Ive got about 7ish years of rock climbing experience and have recently started getting into snow and ice. Im pretty well versed in the finer arts of trad climbing (multipitch, simul-climbing, aid, rope soloing, ext) Currently, Im not really looking to climb hard and am more interested in climbing long, scenic routes in awesome places. I would share a ticklist but as a recently PNW transplant there is way too much good rock to even try to collect it all, but I would really like to start ticking off some of the Beckey classics. Im also a fan of trial running, mountain slogging, skiing and scrambling. Im pretty much just weekends for now, maybe meeting up during the week at a gym.
  20. chucK has passed away

    Sausagefest, Chuck with a smile on his face
  21. Slesse Crossover Descent Landslide

    it's 2wd to the washout at 6km ,then you have to walk around an hour to the Slesse Mountain Trail. and a bike won't help that hour at all due to trees on the road
  22. Slesse Crossover Descent Landslide

    Pocket Glacier is a nipple-hiding pastie on the giant boob of slabs at the moment. If it does slip, you'll enjoy it
  23. chucK has passed away

    I got terrible news today that our very own @chucK , a long time OG cc.com poster and moderator passed away in a climbing accident in the North Cascades last week. I'm still processing this info myself and I'm a bit in shock, but I have got the OK to share a bit of information about Chuck Spiekerman's celebrations of life in case you knew him and want to attend. His friends on this forum were many...he was at tons of CC.com events and was a very active climber. This thread can also serve as our own memorial to Chuck so if you have any pictures to share or stories to tell please post them up. **PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR DISCUSSING THE DETAILS OF THE ACCIDENT. POSTS TO THAT EFFECT, ALONG WITH OTHER THREADS ANALZYING THE ACCIDENT, WILL BE DELETED FOR NOW.*** This thread is for celebrating @chucK not discussing what happened last week. There will be a time and place for that sort of talk, but especially since he was one of our own the discussion must not be an armchair speculation but rather about the facts as presented, and abstracted from personal judgements about people. We will make a time and place for that, but it is not now. Any discussion would be absent the facts anyway. There is value in discussing accidents so we all learn, or more often, we remember to remain alert and vigilant from absent mindedness in situations. Be careful out there. The following information was passed along to me (the "I" is not Olyclimber). ALL INVITED, DENNY CREEK CAMPGROUND I just reserved Denny Creek Campground for Aug. 22 (next Thursday). Site 34. Group Site accommodates 35 people and I think dozens of tents. I plan to be there around 3:00 p.m. and setup up for a potluck. We can tell Chuck stories, drink bear, barbecue, whatever. The following day, those who are able will follow Bill and hike with Chuck’s ashes on a trail to the base of the climb that Chuck and Bill started three weeks ago. Chuck said it was a 4 hr hike one way, Bill, if I heard him correctly, said it was a 5 hr hike. Mary hurt her foot this morning. If she is able, we will hike to the base of the climb and spread Chuck’s ashes. If she is not able, we will do whatever she wants. It is possible that we won’t have the ashes. In which case, we will go anyway. The main point is to get together, share each other’s company, and tell stories about Chuck. If more than 35 people show up, they can sleep in their car, get a different campsite, whatever. I am not going to micromanage who camps where or what the menu is. I just want people to show up, grieve, and celebrate Chuck’s life. ALL INVITED, U.W. This one will be sometime after UW reconvenes on Sept. 25. We don’t have the venue yet. Chuck’s work colleagues, including Kevin, are working on this. This one will be more formal and better attended. I envision a few speeches from behind a microphone, powerpoint of pictures of Chuck, maybe even a pastor, although I realize that Chuck wasn’t at all religious
  24. Slesse Crossover Descent Landslide

    @G-spotter , sarcastic? Never. I have no info on the pocket glacier condition, but if it hasn't slid I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that approach.
  25. Slesse Crossover Descent Landslide

    Is this sarcastic or is the pocket glacier good to go right now? considering heading out in the next week or so...will descent the grueling southwest route...
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