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  1. Need Photo of NE Face of Dragontail

    Last try - maybe too far right?
  2. Found: Part of a shovel found - Mt Stuart

    And JoshK is the lucky winner. Found it yesterday on the Mountaineer creek bushwhack after bailing out due to suck-ass weather.
  3. Need Photo of NE Face of Dragontail

    What about this one? I have a higer resoluton file if it does the trick.
  4. I found part of a snow shovel on one of the approaches to Mt. Stuart - PM me with details.
  5. Mountaineers Creek Road?

    Yep, on Friday (3/26) I was able to drive in 1.6 miles in a Subaru Outback - just needed to roll some rocks out of the way. Up until that point, there were only a few small patches of snow to deal with, which have probably melted out since then.
  6. 11mm Ropes

    Liberty / ABC has 660 foot spools.
  7. [TR] Banks- Salt and Pepper 2/5/2004

    Salt and Pepper still in on 2/7/04, at least for top rope. Also, saw some parties on Devils Punchbowl - looks like the warm weather blew off most of the deathsicles.
  8. On Sat, 1/11, around 11 am, the deathcicles looked (it was foggy and hard to see clearly) like they were still there even though there were three parties on the ice.
  9. Lil'o'wet Update

    I posted some pictures in a photo album "Lillooet December 2003" under my user name.
  10. Lil'o'wet Update

    Update from 12/27 - 12/30/2003 Rambles - still in. ICBC - 1st two pitches - thin but in. 3rd pitch looks in. Loose Lady - only climbed approach pitch; upper pitches look in, but cone to base of mushrooms is hard to pro.
  11. Banks Lake anyone...?

    Just got back from Banks a little while ago - didn't climb anything. Other than a few seeps, only the Devil's Punchbowl is "in" - that is if you are willing to dodge the rain of deathcicles.
  12. Tim's Pond - Tieton

    Sobo, I ran into a couple of WDFW Officers at Royal Columns two weekends ago and asked them about climbing on the cliffs by Tim's Pond. They said that rock climbing on those cliffs was ok. They also said to check the falcon closures because they won't close access on a preventative basis - they will wait until evidence of nesting is found. I have heard that more then ten years ago there may have been discussions with John McGowan (the WDFW Oak Creek manager) about not developing Tim's Pond. I have also heard from another source that WDFW doesn't want people climbing there because that is were golden eagles nest - an unwritten rule. So for the time being, I have been putting in routes elsewhere. Kevin gave me your FCCC dues form in July. I assume that he passed the check on to Steve to deposit. Paul
  13. Tim's Pond - Tieton

    Are there any self-imposed (by climbers) restrictions on climbing at Tim's Pond. The only offical restrictions I'm aware of is the annual closure for falcons from Feb 1 - July 31th.
  14. Middle East Wall (we should read this as the entire cliff system) is closed until August 1st. See attached emails. -----Original Message----- From: Robert Kent Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2003 7:22 AM To: Paul Certa; John Crock Cc: Therese Martin; Matt Monda Subject: Re: Falcon on Middle East Wall I have closed the Middle East Wall the past few years for a nesting falcon. The climbing closure last until August 1.<SNIP> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Paul Certa" To: "John Crock"; "Robert D Kent" Cc: "Therese Martin" Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 10:33 PM Subject: Falcon on Middle East Wall > Robert and John, > > This past Sunday, Terry and I saw a peregrine falcon or some other bird of > prey on the West End of Middle East Wall. As we approached "Rhino Lining" > from the East, the bird continuously circled overhead making a very loud and > alarming cry and dove down at us occasionally. We turned around and left > after a few moments - the bird stopped crying before we reached the forth > class descent that separated the West End from the Middle Section. We did > not try to verify the location of the presumed nest, but it is probably in > the vicinity of the cliff between "Rhino Lining" and "Be a Barbie Doll". > > Page 48 of the 2nd edition of "Frenchman Coulee - A rock climbers guide" has > a good photograph showing Middle East Wall and the location of the West End. > If you don't have a copy of the book, check out this link for an overview: > http://users.owt.com/wrobins/me_west.html - the fourth class descent is at > the extreme left hand side of the picture. And this link: > http://users.owt.com/wrobins/view.html?me_west9.jpg has an enlargement with > route names. > > Based on the bird's response, I assume that a partial voluntary closure of > Middle East Wall is in order. This would include the West End and the two > areas on the cliffs below the West End called The Dungeon and Sanctuary. > > What do you think? I would like any guidance you may have on if this is an > appropriate action. And if so, for how long should the cliff be closed - > through the end of July? I can post notices on various internet message > boards and arrange for a poster on the reader board in the parking lot. > > If you would like to talk to me, try my work phone (<snip>) anytime > after 9 am. > > Paul Certa
  15. Bill Robins article (long-ish)

    The article is now at: Final ascent for Richland climber