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  1. Shit weather

    Weather isn't gonna cooperate, so beer will be drank instead!
  2. How to climb ice in Oregon in March

  3. for sale WTB: Frenchman Coulee guidebook

    Doesn’t matter if it’s not in the best shape. Thanks, anthony
  4. [TR] Coleman Pinnacle - West Ridge 02/10/2018

    That's been my plan. The mountains seem to be a decent replacement when vitamin d is unavailable.
  5. [TR] Coleman Pinnacle - West Ridge 02/10/2018

    As always, great trip report! If I'm not mistaken, we're too far north to get an ample amount of Vitamin D until late March or April though.
  6. [TR] Chair Pk - NW Ridge 02/11/2018

    Was there Saturday but somehow forgot my sunglasses like an idiot... Glad people were getting the goods!
  7. New website and blog!

    Great site. Love the packing light and packing right posts.
  8. Can't wait to make it to NZ again.
  9. Wet

    Lookin good! We had a great 55+ degree day with the pups at Ancient Lakes! I still cannot believe how much beautiful rock there is.
  10. Leavenworth, WA Ice Conditions?

    I'm most certainly interested! DM sent!
  11. Leavenworth, WA Ice Conditions?

    Also curious about any mixed route beta in th Leavenworth area. I've been searching and coming up with nothin really. I've read people climb r&b in the winter, but I don't want to be the guy to scratch up a very well-traveled rock climb. Any info would be much appreciated!
  12. The Olympics this coming weekend?

    Yup. We're gonna go to the Ocean on account of all the recent snow. Thanks for all the intel!!
  13. The Olympics this coming weekend?

    I'm totally prepared to go above tree line or off trail. But my wife has been mighty sick since we moved to Washington, so she hasn't done any glacier travel yet. We will have to avoid glaciers for this outing. With that being said, this is our first actual trip to the Olympics. We've driven through in a van and stayed once or twice, but we've never done any hiking or climbing on the peninsula, so anything is on the table! thanks for the suggestions!
  14. The Olympics this coming weekend?

    I think my wife and I are gonna roll the dice and go for some backcountry adventure on the peninsula. Anyone have any recommendations for a fun trip? We have between Sat-Mon. Kinda thinkin Mt. Ellinor unless someone has a better suggestion!
  15. wanted to buy 4 season tent

    I have a MH trango 3 with brand new poles from tent pole technologies. The seam tape I did ages ago is pealing but it still holds out water really well. Just doesn't look brand new.