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AK flight pricing


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Talkeetna Air Taxi is worth every penny and one of the best in the entire state. Fly with them a few times and they will start giving you serious discounts on your flights. The owner is an actual climber so he can give you real beta instead of vague speculation. Cant say enough good things about them.

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I worked for a high end lodge in Kantishna for most of the 90's. (Thus my name) K2 and TAT were always great to work with and I've flown with both of them quite a few times. The lodge I worked for sent a shit ton of clients to both, mostly I workded with K2 on a daily basis. They always delivered professionalism and safety. However, that was 20 years ago.


The last time I visited the Kahiltna was spring of 2010 and TAT was awesome. The pilot picked me up after a couple days on the Glacier and flew me out as his only passeger. He told me he wanted to check out the pow he planned to ski later that day. He touched down, basically, "skiing" his plane off the summit snowfield. I sure wish I could have gone back with him for that ski run in the many feet of fresh pow...



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Showing my age, but I sure miss flying with Cliff and Jay. Can't remember how many times Jay flew in just to bring us a six-pack. Often he would buzz overhead in his cub and drop beers and steaks as we skied up the glacier. And then there was the time he pulled me off the upper West Fork with a broken leg...

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