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  1. It would be neat if someone could get hold of Fred's diaries and transcribe them for posterity.
  2. Smoked salmon and dried coconut chunks (not shredded).
  3. NOLS is also permitted to lead trips to Denali.
  4. More summits in June than any other month.
  5. Doug Geeting Aviation isn't flying anymore. Geeting is now a pilot for one of the other outfits. You might also consider Sheldon Air Service.
  6. Jim Hall, Nick Lewis, and Paul Ramsden made the first recorded ascent on May 19, 1997, via the south face (see pages 220 and 221 of the 1998 AAJ). Sam Johnson and Jay Piggott climbed "Divine Providence" on the south face to the west of the Hall-Lewis-Ramsden route in late May 2004 (see pages 193 and 194 of the 2005 AAJ). In 2005 Kelly Franz and Ken Glover reportedly attempted the east ridge of Mount Providence. I don't know whether they were successful, though.
  7. How much more information do you need? It's covered in Stan Justice's guidebook.
  8. You wrote that from your high point atop the Isis Face you descended the lower South Buttress. Did this entail going over Peak 13050? Or did you skirt around it?
  9. Sounds like a great trip. I think that was the second ascent of Mount Service (FA on May 28, 1968, by George Barnett, Russell Batt, William Bendy, Jurgen Meyer-Arendt, Lawrence Nielsen, Dan Reeder, Thomas Stengle, and Charles Warren - see page 382 of the 1969 AAJ), the second ascent of Mount Poletica (FA on May 19, 1968, by George Barnett, Jurgen Meyer-Arendt, Lawrence Nielsen, and Thomas Stengle - see page 382 of the 1969 AAJ), and the third ascent of Mount London (FA in 1990 by Hannes Arch - see http://www.hannesarch.com/about/highlights/1990-big-time-top-of-climbing-career.html - and second ascent in 1999 by John Baldwin, Matthias Jakob, and David Williams - see pages 116 and 117 of the 2000 Canadian Alpine Journal). Well done!
  10. There have been a few ascents recorded in the AAJ and CAJ. Which peak is your objective?
  11. I seem to recall that Marcin Ksok and Greg Encelewski climbed Redoubt Volcano in the spring of 2011. I think they published a trip report in the Mountaineering Club of Alaska's monthly journal. Wes.
  12. What year was the Roundtop ascent? And when are you headed to the Shaler Mountains? I'd love to read your report when you return.
  13. I read the article in the Dutch Harbor Fisherman. I'm interested in your ascent of Roundtop Mountain on Unimak Island with Jeff Hancock. Can you tell us more?
  14. http://www.adn.com/2011/04/30/1838187/climber-killed-in-avalanche-identified.html
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