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The 50 best climbs at Index


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For everyone who complains (or has been told) that Index is too hard... Here's my top sekret list of easy (5.9 and under) routes at Index. There aren't 50 but if you really only climb 5.9, these 27 should take you at least all day. I've only listed routes I've done, not a comment on quality of those I've left out (which include a lot of new routes and recently recleaned).


Lower Town Wall

Great Northern Slab (3p) 7

Pisces (variation for p2 of GNS) 7

Aries (5 short p) 8+

Sickle/Taurus (variation to Aries that skips the hardest pitch) 7

Or whatever, there are about 10 pitches that are < 5.8 that can be combined in various ways to make 3 to 5 pitch routes, just look at http://web.stanford.edu/~clint/index/gnslab.gif

Princely Ambitions (2 p) 9

Roger’s Corner (2p, usually link) 9

Godzilla 9

Quarry Crack 9


Ultrabrutal 7

GM/HoC 9 or 10a

Private Idaho

Wet Dream 9

Magic Fern 9

Istanbul 9

Battered Sandwich 9

Senior Citizens in Space 8

Hag Crack 6

Upper Town Wall

Davis Holland p1 9

Lovin Arms p3 9+ (climb DHLA at 9 C1 or walk to the top and rap)

Inner Walls

Toxic Shock 9

Toxic Shock with Even Steven start 8

Corner Flash 7

K Cliff

Special K 8

CF Route 9

Go 9

(some of the 10- routes didn’t seem any harder than the 9s to me. some are easy to TR)

Lookout Point

Peanuts to Serve You 9


Rattletale p1 9




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