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Clean sleeping bags


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Quite the contrary. This story that I crapped on my ex-girlfriend's bag is ludicrous (she wasn't my ex-girlfriend).


Once a season (or more frequently if my tent has been visited by a crowd of "progressive" girls), when it's time for a cleaning, I just return it to REI with a story about how the zipper jammed and nearly cost my life high on the N. Face of Tiger Mountain. Then I walk away with a new one.


Now a buddy of mine gave me this idea, and he said that after they finally catch on (7 or 8 years), you can change your story. You can say it was a gift but that you've developed an allergy to the particular color of dye in the fabric.

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My main concern is bringing the loft back to the bag.


Cleaning down of the oils, dead skin, and grime your body secretes will increase the down's loft and increase your bags warmth (I assume the same would apply to synthetic.) The toughest part will be drying a down bag. Given the number of quarters you'll pump into the laundromat dryers, you might do well to take your bag to Rainy Pass or Feathered Friends to have it cleaned professionally (twenty bucks'ish and a week of down time.)

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