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Trim Carpentry/Interior Finish Job Bellingham


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Not sure if this fits anywhere on this site, but I'm a contractor in Bellingham looking for an interior finish employee. Trim, cabinets, flooring, paint, etc. I'd love to hire another climber, so I thought I might post an add here and see if it makes it's way onto the screen of an interested cascade climber.


Job is all new construction custom homes. All tools provided. Job starting Jan 5 and booked up through the end of the year as this is being posted. Workload will be fast paced so prior experience is required.


Hit me up if you or anyone you know might be interested in working a cool, active job with another climber!





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I've had similar experience, as a construction contractor. I was stoked about fellow climbers before I found out that the type that are interested in doing construction are the type that already have a well established pattern of life lethargy and poor decision-making.


Not saying a climber can't make good labor- I'm a climber, and very squared away on the job site... so it's not impossible. Just rare. Some folks like to maximize their odds by pre-screening, and that's legit.

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Depends on the person. I know numerous hardworking climbers who've started their own businesses in construction who were employed for several years by someone like myself prior going out on their own. As well, I've employed lots of shitty workers, none of whom were climbers. A lot of the previously mentioned negatives qualities found in climber employees exist in most people in the construction industry anyhow...figured I could at least have a regular weekday climbing partner!


Job is filled anyways, sans climber.

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