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[TR] Mt Huntington - French (NW) Ridge (FWA) 3/1/2014

John Frieh

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- Sony rx100 for me though some of these photos were taken with Jason's Canon P&S


- Brad was rocking the HMS 2400 ice pack. He felt it was a little too small for Huntington hence the amount of stuff he had strapped to the sides. That said he thinks the 3400 might be a bit too big...? Your mileage may vary.


- No windshirts; was too cold



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wow. nothing short of spectacular right there. I know your busy smash-n-grabbin' n all, but you gotta take a few more pics next time.


~51 hours... pffft. next time how about sportin' a windshirt, shorts over polypro, sandals over socks... that way you wont leave your kid hangin' on the Monday morn walk to school. making him wait 'til Tuesday morn is straight up neglect. come on now...

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