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  1. don't internalize it man. funny clip from portlandia. [video:youtube]V3nMnr8ZirI
  2. Driving. passing up gems along I-15 such as Kolob/Zion, Red Rocks, J-Tree, Idyllwild, in order to sesh trestles, swami's, O-side. shit's been good this winter.
  3. wow. nothing short of spectacular right there. I know your busy smash-n-grabbin' n all, but you gotta take a few more pics next time. ~51 hours... pffft. next time how about sportin' a windshirt, shorts over polypro, sandals over socks... that way you wont leave your kid hangin' on the Monday morn walk to school. making him wait 'til Tuesday morn is straight up neglect. come on now...
  4. TBay

    Workout music

    songs that benefited me in the past for hitting new PR's red fang - "prehistoric dog" melvins - "night goat" cephalic carnage - "repangaea" songs that strangely compelled me to wanna toss the oly plates, kick-over the airdyne, and cleave shit with a battle axe. electric wizard - "barbarian" [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cKkdwAaljM electric wizard - "funeralopolis" [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO7VP34n2Ps&oq=electric%20wizard%20funeralop&gs_l=youtube..0.5j0l6.127175.133164.0.135640. electric wizard - "dopethrone" [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWHplp10kQM
  5. TBay

    Shot or Jail?

    nat sez hi. yeah even Kowboy cant deny the stoke found while strapped to a pair of the 21st century skis. so unlike the skinny ski days up on snoqualmie pass in flannel and levis. how can we help you. for gods sakes man, we cant have you being tortured. shot or jailed is not an option. plenty of pow to go around here in the sheeps pen. buy the ticket, take the ride. i got a extra room... in the basement.
  6. TBay

    Shot or Jail?

    Shot or Jail? Neither. just send 'em over to Rob's house, he'll "Kill 'em with Kindness". :kisss:
  7. TBay

    Shot or Jail?

    thats what i like and want to believe, but... the reality is is that they will become a protected class within the prison system by means of isolation from the general population, those that would deliver the ass rapin. having watched a couple of episodes of Locked Up Abroad, my opinion about the uselessness of the US incarceration system only builds. altruistic approach to their punishments, err rehabilitation, FAILS. its best to just spend the 38-cents.
  8. TBay

    Shot or Jail?

    Who do you think you're kidding, T-man? I know you're a knuckle-dragger, and snowboarding will never wash away the filth. jezuz its been a long time E. ive been forgiven of that filthy sin many years ago. been rockin' the gospel of rando for a while now. the field is white and ready for harvest. where you been?
  9. TBay

    Shot or Jail?

    goddamit... just when i recovered from watching this movie, An American Crime a coupla weeks ago, i gotta go and click the OP's link and open an old mental wound... hopefully skiing the wasatch pow this weekend will purify my mind.
  10. why not take advantage of both venues. sesh some big sky pow and tool top notch ice in hyalite. dont let a 2-hour commute detour you man. get your shit up early enough to where you pull into the parking lot a half hour before daylight. FWIW, my sis's cabin is ~130mi from the hyalite parking lot, we consistently knocked out daytrips in approx 2-hours plus change one-way, a handful of times. hell, we've even made a 3.5-hour drive plus 2-hour approach, oneway, to tag a rowdy piece of ice in the southeast corner of Glacier NP, all in a days work (not sprayin' just lettin' you know whats possible). start early, get juiced and stay juiced, finish late. if your not willing to smash-n-grab shit during your hard earned vacation, well, i dont know what to say... enjoy the free amenities?.
  11. +1 yep. with new standards, styles, and methods creeping into "american [pnw] mountaineering", the haters will haveto yet add another ueseless peice of equipment to their rack: cognitive dissonance.
  12. the young guns have pushed the envelope into F class these days... [video:youtube] "A still rings routine with a 7.7 d-score. Rodriguez F Azarian Maltese F Van Gelder E Balandin II E Layed out Yamawaki E Back uprise Maltese E Maltese press to inverted cross E Layed out Honma to Handstand D O'neill E Layed out double double F Difficulty: 5.2 Connection: N/A Element groups: 2.5 Start Value: 17.7" Note: the Uprise fwd. to inv. swallow with. supp. phase (2s) = Rodriguez = holy shit balls! Ring Training Beta
  13. damn dude i thought you would've gotten the memo... Superbowl tail-gate party on the Great White Icicle balcony ledge went down in classic style... alpine debauchery at its finest... flipping the meat with Kyle Dempsters 2010 Piolets d'Or award...
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