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Favorite pitches at Darrington?


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Great thread Curt- Here goes...


5.4 or less- Chrome Dome SE face approach(sweet water worn features and a huge quartz dike just before you gain the dome proper)

5.5- Cornucopia P1

5.6- Big Tree P1

5.7- Magic Bus P1

5.8-Broad Daylight P1 (knobs and overlaps), Total Soul P3 crack/seam

5.9- Baloney Pony P1 on Baloney Dome (fun layback when clean, great discontinuous knobs higher), Excalibur Flake(with the no hands rest)

.10a- Silent Running bonus pitches, Slab Daddy P10, Centerstage (1st real pitch off the bench)

.10b- Urban Bypass ( just prior to rejoining Dreamer where it thins out)

.10c- Pig Iron P3? on Wawetkin Dome. (sparse knobs on steepening headwall), Holy Grail P5,( knobs but not one extra),

.10d- Centerstage crux pitch (tenuous pure friction with a tiny dish), Ancient Melodies P5(tight steep friction dihedral very sustained footwork)




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So I guess I'll chime in as well, since it is my favorite topic.

5.4 or less - South face Chrome dome (almost 4,000 ft of class 4 and easy 5th on super clean, polished stone).

5.7 or less - "Under The Boardwalk" (always fun!)

5.8 - "Till broad daylight" P1 ; "Excalibur" P1 (both have good athletic moves for the grade).

5.9 - the "Blue Crack" on Dreamer P6; the flake pitch on "Excalibur" P6 ( super fun on fantastic stone)

5.10a - "Waterfall Buttress" P5 (Nice clean finger crack on a flat face in an amazing location)

5.10b - "The Holy Grail" P5 ( In my opinion the best pitch in Darrington, bar none)

5.10c - "Centerstage" P1 (Credit card edges don't get any better)

5.10d - Excalibur" P8 (Fantastic crack and face moves on the cleanest rock in D-Town)

5.11A or harder - "Centerstage" P5 "Schitzophrenic" P7 (Very tenuous moves on superb rock way up in the air. It doesn't get much better than this)


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There are like two feet of freshiez out there!
And very few of these lines have had first descents yet. Some real opportunities for bold skiers.



YIKES! :shock:


I have been on the Sidewalk in Winter with terrible snow conditions and a warming trend. That was one of THE scariest things I have ever done. I will pass on a repeat of any of that nonsense!




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Favorite pitches watching someone else lead at Darrington:


Dan leading the Rash


Steven leading the Cloven Hoof pitch 1, lots of cussing and moaning, many unsavory remarks uttered toward the first ascentionist (hanman)


Mark leading pitch 3 on other side of the traxs, lots of cussing and moaning, many unsavory remarks uttered toward the rist ascentionist (steven)


Mark leading pitch 3 of the Big Four Tower Route, actually I didn't get to see it, but I could hear it while climbing the pitch below, lots of cussing and moaning, many unsavory remarks uttered toward the first ascentionist (steven)


Mark leading pitch 3 of Romantica right about the time I realized one of the double ropes was sliced half way through as it passed through my belay device.


Don leading pitch 2 off width of The Ultimatum, a fair amount of grunting and whining and some blood


Jeremy leading pitch 2 super steep pitch of rolling thunder, then calling it 11a/b, Hah, then throw him up on the near by 10c slab around the corner to the right (can't remember the name, but its a great pitch) and he has a shit fit cause it slab and "stupid" mostly cause he was scared and couldn't rely on his super human grip to yard himself up it :)

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