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Beware of moving mountains


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Nice .pdf file - I remember seeing a video of a semi-recent rock/ice slide on the Nisqually, couple weeks after I had been on it...rock ran down the mountain like some kind of scary river. It was about 1 millionth the size of this, can't imagine being anywhere nearby at the time of the slide.

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How interesting. I just finished reading a book called Coming Home by Alaskan author Lynn Schooler. He tried to circumnavigate Mt. Fairweather starting from Lituya Bay - the site of the worlds largest tsunami. Very good read. Lots of local historical information. No surprise the area remains so geologically active.

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awesome slide off Lituya, but it'd be a stretch to blame global warming. let's see:


Ice Valley, 1997, 5km x 1km (see page 180, The Waddington Guide):





Hope Slide, Jan 1965






Huascaran, May 1970






Frank Slide, 1903:






etc, etc...

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