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  1. They are still available. Shoot me a PM if you want to buy.
  2. sold! Petzl Ascension Ascenders - great condition

    Not sure if you saw that this was marked as sold.
  3. These are not C-4's. These are BD Ultralights.
  4. for sale Snow Shovel/Avy Probe/Pickets - $100

    No, in N. Seattle, pick up only.
  5. Selling some snow season stuff. $100 for the group. Used telescoping Voile Snow Shovel, in great shape Lifelink avalanche probe (never been used), 280cm long. Two snow pickets, well used but built to last.
  6. Selling three BD ice screws (2x 22cm, 1x19cm), sold as a group for $100. Used for a couple of seasons. Sharp and in good shape. I'll even throw in the Grivel v-threader to the first enthusiastic caller.
  7. Selling two Yates Big Wall ladders and two adjustable daisies found in the link below. Used for a couple of seasons, stored for many more, and still in great shape. Selling as a set for $100. http://www.yatesgear.com/climbing/etriers/index.htm
  8. for sale Camp Blitz alpine harness

    This is my favorite alpine harness when you know you got to do some easy/moderate rock climbing. It's got four gear loops and a floating belay loop (take that alpine bod!) and clip leg loops, so you don't have to step in and out of it. It packs tiny, weighs nothing (7.7 oz) and is not sold by Camp anymore. This is the M-XL size. Been used 8-10 times, but it's in great shape. No wear on any of the straps. Selling for $30.
  9. Aiding is funner with these, but never really that much fun. They are in great condition. Mostly used to hang off rope and yell out obvious handholds to noob climbers. Selling the pair for $80.
  10. sold! Petzl Micro Traxion nearly new!

    Yep. The Petzl Micro Traxion we all know and love, for sale. It's been used a handful of times on practice walls. Go get your self-belay on! $90 for this cutie.
  11. sold! Wild Country Rockcentrics - lightly used

    Shoot me a pm and we'll set it up.
  12. sold! Wild Country Rockcentrics - lightly used

    This would be pickup only in North Seattle.