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Gear Quality question?


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I don't mind paying a little more for something if it's good quality and the company will stand behind their product. With some of these companies, the warranty is worth the price alone.


Outdoor Research's lifetime warranty is exceptional and I've been a fan of their stuff for a while now. They've replaced two pairs of gloves, two jackets, and a pair of pants for me over the years, no questions asked, just go grab a new one off of the rack. This sort of customer service and faith in their own product is worth the extra $$$ over the cheap stuff in my opinion.


OR, MHW, and Arcteryx are all companies that I, or those I climb with, have had great personal experience getting warranties honored.

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I have a hard time paying 100$ bucks for a pair of Nike running shoes when Nike makes a 50$ shoe that works just as good.

I have a hard time paying any amount of money for Nikes, because they all suck.


We all saw you waiting in line for the new glow in the dark nike's. Be honest with your self DPS. :crosseye:

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This thread makes me laugh. I've got some crappy northface rain shell that I bought for like $5 or something in the REI basement like 8 years ago that has worked just as well as those fancy dead bird jackets my friends buy for $500 or whatever. True, I'm not doing first ascents in Alaska or anything, but I'm guessing most of you aren't, either. I dunno, I have a lot of cheap crap and I've just never noticed that it got in the way. But I was never a super alpinist or anything, and maybe I would have been if I had nicer things.


that said, my Feathered Friends jacket is the best money I've ever spent. Of course, even that was still cheaper than arc'teryx.

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I haven't been doing this for decades, but I've had gear fail on me before - lower/mid-range stuff. Shell wet-thru, goggles fog up beyond belief at the worst times, etc etc. I lean towards nicer gear now, but I take my time and catch a deal. I'll never go back from my WM Antelope GWS (shipped to my door for $419!!), or my Meltdown jacket (got it used). You'll feel that much better beating the elements for a discount. Key is to beat the elements.


That being said, Doug ( guy that owns the portal store down at Mt Whitney) rocks bluejeans in the snow at 14,000. I'm not that badass. [img:left]http://piotrowski.smugmug.com/photos/i-zvZLSNw/0/L/i-zvZLSNw-L.jpg[/img]

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