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Terminal Gravity

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Kudos to our own Terminal Gravity whose brewpub was hailed as the "best little brewery in Oregon." Keep up the good work!


Can you feel the love?


Oops: What I MEANT to say was in Jonathan Nicholas' column in the Oregonian he states:


"Can Wallowa County show Europe the way? Martin Goebel, founder of Portland-based Sustainable Northwest, has been helping northeast Oregon show that environmentally sustainable development really can work in rural economies. So there was Goebel last week, at a NATO-sponsored workshop in Poland, talking up Enterprise and grass-roots action. Hope he didn't give away all the town's secrets. We don't want everyone finding Terminal Gravity, the best little brewery in Oregon. "


[ 11-13-2002, 03:11 PM: Message edited by: rbw1966 ]

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So soon all the Polish hardmen will be washing down chunks of 'speck' with TG stout!!! as they send new M10s in the Tatras.

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Originally posted by imorris:

Here's a link to the

It's... happened... again... Save... me...



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Does anyone have it besides Produce Row? DFA tried the TG IPA there a while ago, although, he must admit, it was not his favorite. The stout seems to be getting the rave reviews, however.

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speaking of eastern oregon, there was a killer oregon field guide on opb the other night on skiing in the wallowas followed by a videography of smith rock.

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[laf] yeah that one guy SUCKED! [laf] some of those ranchers have it down...get in a few runs after some morning ranching. life is good!

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Thanks, all of you, for the kudos. (god, I hate that yuppie word)


Thank you very much rbw1966 for letting me know about Jonathon Nicholes artical. I had missed it and I owe you. Maybe I'll be your belay bitch for a FA of this 250 foot WI5/6 that is forming up out here (as a token of my appreciation [big Grin] ).


DFA ... at the risk of being a shameless self promoter; below is a partial list of where you can find my beer.




Lucky Noodle

Sixth St Grill

Tryon Creek Grill


Liberator Brewing Co.

Hawk Creek Cafe

Big River Retaurant

Bombs Awy Cafe

Fox and Firkin

McMenamin's, Corvallis


Suds n Suds




Cornucopia17th St Market

Good Times


Jo Fed's

Pizza Research Institute

Rennies's Landing

Ring Of Fire

Sam Bond's Garage



WOW Hall





Ash Street Saloon

Aztec Willie's

Bella Faccia Pizzaria

Belmont's Inn


Bitter End

Bugatti's Pizzaria

Campbell Productions

Caprail's Bistro & Wine


County Cork Public House

Dublin Pub & Restaurant

Good Foot Lounge

Hanigan Tavern

Heathman Hotel & Restaurant

Horse Brass Pub

Iron Horse Restaurant

John's Market

Katie O'Briens

Kelly's Olympian

M. Bar

Mickey Finn's-Sunnyside

Micky Finn's Woodstock

Murray's Pizza

Old Chicago-Tanasborne

Old Chicago-Gresham

Old Chicago-82nd

Old Lair Hill Market

Old Market Pub & Brewery

Paddy's Bar & Grill

Paragon Restaurant

Port Halling

Produce Row

Pub At The End Of The Universe

Rouge Ales Public House

Rose and Raindrop

Shanny's Tavern

Snake & Weasel

Springwater Grill

Three Square Grill

Whatever Lounge


The Horse Brass & Rose and Raindrop have a few different handles. Squirrels sells the most and Buelahland has been our most loyal account.


Cheers - TG (steve)


[ 11-15-2002, 01:10 PM: Message edited by: Terminal Gravity ]

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Gotta say, Old Market is a good place to go with a crowd. Tons of seating, pool and shuffleboard, foods not bad either and if you want GOOD mexican it's hard to beat Iron Horse out in Sellwood, they know what HOT is! [big Drink]

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So what happened to the Portland Pub clubs that were supposed to be a weekly event? TG has provided a pretty good list of options.

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