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Yep, the thread started by "Guests" railing against Jon is gone. I called him out on it (my post got deleted as well), and he gets on my wedding thread and posts this:



Eric [MisterE]

Skip your wife should hear about your internet abuse and stalking over many years. 50+ obsessive internet posts against A##!@%& and several others over 15 years on about 10 different forums and blogs. Profane, hatred, threats, allegations.

Doug should also know. Will send to both.


LOL! Love that they have a Dan filter over there, too.


OOOO! "50+ posts over 15 years"! OMG, that's like THREE a year! How obsessive of me! What a tool. My new wife had a sense of humor about it, though - here's what she wrote in response to him:


Well.... Since a total stranger is ranting and making stupid accusations... Thanks for the heads up. I never imagined E was such an insidious bastard. I'll certainly file for a divorce the very moment the sun rises over the courthouse on the 'morrow. Doug,... are you with me?



Hahahahahahahh ;) Thanks for a good laugh "guests".





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