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I owe the gun zealots here an apology


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There has been some discourse, dare I say debate, from time to time about the merits of owning guns purely for self protection. I have traditionally sided with the view that owning a gun does not necessarily make one safer.


A recent news story i have been following has made me feel at least partially otherwise: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murders_of_Raul_and_Brisenia_Flores


It's a horribly sad story all around, but it makes it very easy to imagine the unthinkable, and begin to understand the need to own a gun to defend one's self and family. If Gina Marie Gonzalez had not had a gun to defend herself she would not be alive for her surviving daughter, and to bring her husband's and Brisenia's killers to justice.


That Gina Marie Gonzalez was able to defend herself makes a strong case for the 2nd Amendment - the right of US citizens to own guns for self defense. The NRA should be hailing her as a hero right now.


Please accept my apologies for living in a la-la land where these things don't happen.




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That the 'attacking crazy' makes national news is an indicator of how rare this even is.


Most gun deaths are people shooting their 'loved one's, accidents, and suicides.


The Hero Protecting His Loved Ones Scenario which makes so many gun owners spurt when they think about it never really happens in real life. They wind up with a dead 8 year old instead.


Increased gun ownership, of course, means increased crazy people gun ownership. Most crazy folk come with no indicator that would raise a flag in a background check.


Own a gun. That's fine with me. Some people are responsible, some are not. The law can deny those with violent convictions the right to own one. although it very rarely does. Just don't bullshit yourself about what happens when more people, rather than less, do.

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The second ammendment gives us all the right to own 18th century flintlock muskets.


hey, that's my idea!


and such weapons were plenty suitable for the home invasion in question here too.


sadly, it IS harder to mow down hordes of illegals with a blunderpuss though :(

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