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Body Fat Testing


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Just ask your significant other to "pinch some fat" and you will be shown for free where ya have it.


No time at all or pinches multiple places quickly keep going to the gym

Under 5 seconds to find it 8% - 10%

Under 10 seconds 5% - 8%

If she can't find it then <5%



On a serious note-

You might try looking at UW's human phys lab to see if they have any studies going on. Quite often at UO we have various lactic threshold tests or VO2 tests going on. I think I have seen some tests including measurement of body fat. AND they typically pay YOU to take the test.

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close pilchuck, but a little high.


whereas rumr evidently has a mole: 13.6%.


do you know what this means, rumr? i've got the potential to be pretty damn light! and if i'm climbing what i'm climbing at close to 20 pounds heavier than i could healthily be....

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13.6% = 20 lbs? actually, there's some minimum amount of body fat that you can't go below (i forget the exact figure -- 3%? 5%?), so 20 lbs might be more than you can realistically lose.


it's hard to drop more than a pound or two a week and keep it off. really rapid weight loss is loss of water, which is dehydration rather than actually getting leaner.


are you planning to try stevie haston's 800kcal/day diet?

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well i'm 173 now at 13.6. that's what, 23 pounds of fat. it's said(?) that you lose closer to 1.5 pounds of weight for every pound of fat you lose, cuz of interstitial water loss associated with fat storage. so dropping 9% of my body fat would drop my weight what, approximately 22 pounds or so? leaving me a little under 5%. yeah that's kinda low, but i'm interested enough to work towards it....


i don't know how long haston was on his low cal diet. i would imagine there would be days of that.... march or april is when i'd like to hit it, so i have some time, and i know i can hit 170 in two days, leaving me 15 pounds to go (i think 155 is a realistic goal).

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yeah being cold comes with the territory, but being a sporto wimp, i'll be clad in two down coats and a propane heater nearby (in july).


i'm 6'1" btw, with a smallish to medium frame. i consistently weighed in the mid 150's through my early 30's, dropping to 146 (yikes) for a short period. yeah i was pretty lean, but compare to some others: ondra 130 and 6', sharma what 155 and 6', local kid who's 6' and around 130....but i think it mainly comes down to body fat % as to how healthily one can exist at a particular weight, with ~3% being minimum or so i read.

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my thinking is that if you take the immersion test once, it'll give you a starting point that gives you accurate weight to body fat % targets to shoot for, ones that won't change much unless you really put on muscle fast, take steroids, or lose muscle fast. when i get to 155, i'll probably take another immersion test just for fun, but i'm already pretty sure i'll be around 6%.

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