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100 days


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Page 5! :noway: time for everyone to check in...


99 :moondance:


Day 57 at Stevens on Tuesday. Leaving for Utah on Sunday for a week. Doesn't look like I'll get 100...


Places and days: Crystal (28), Big Sky (5), Moonlight Basin (4), Brighton (3), Schweitzer (3), Big Mountain (2), White Pass (2), Stevens (2), Lookout Pass (2), Silver Mountain (1), 49 degrees North (1), Bridger (1), Alta (1), Snowbird (1), Solitude (1)


Brighton in March 794131-1-1cd249347b254add8233287d3863cc3a9a2c977c.jpg



Get a haircut,



get a job...

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when does red close sno???


On Sunday :( Then I'll finally have some time to do some touring...


Nice variety there Keith! What did you think of Silver Mtn.? I'm kinda thinking of going there next week before they close.


Only at Silver one day and it was pretty foggy. Chair 4 was was closed which was disappointing, though because of visability it was hard to tell what we were missing.


Twenty minute ride up to the mountain on the gondola instead of driving was very convenient.


Since only chair 2 was open on the upper mountain we were forced to ride the lift beside the terrain park. My note to Silver is below...


At the Silver Mountain web site comments are invited so I submitted the following:

>>> "Keith A. Henson" 2/22/2007

7:29:42 PM >>>

My son and I skied at Silver on Valentine's Day and enjoyed the skiing very much. There were few people on the mountain that day, the snow was pretty good, and there was a bit of fresh powder.


One thing though that detracted from our enjoyment was the loud and unavoidable music blaring from the terrain park.


Believe me, nobody, even someone who might enjoy tunes while riding/boarding, enjoys hearing "I want candy" and "Jeremiah was a bullfrog (Joy to the world)".


Loud, crumby pop music seriously marred the beauty of being in the mountains and is inconsistent with the alpine experience. People who want tunes have MP3 players. "I want candy" is definitely not hip--even by virtue of its complete unhippness.


Turn it off and groove to the sounds of silence.




Keith A. Henson

Puyallup, WA


Since I don't have permission to post the email reply, I will supply the gist of it was: thanks for the feedback, terrain park riders want tunes, and maybe they will pick other selections.



Good tree skiing. Here's a short clip of my son at Silver in the trees




I'll go back, particularly as you can stay cheap in Kellogg at the marginal but adequate Trail Motel.


Have fun. Also, Lookout Pass is very close and is recommended on Thursdays as it is closed on Tue/Wed. However, I would not go there unless there is powder as the chair lifts are very slow. But really nice tree skiing at Lookout.

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Hey all - it's time for some chestbeating... most of you have probably finished your seasons, so let's hear how you did.


I'm at 119, but I'm not done yet. 3 or 4 more days in the plans. My previous big season was 90 or so... this is a big jump from that.

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Only 96 so far! ARGH!

Wanna hit 110 before I hang up the boards.

Though this is the least # of daze I've had in 10 seasons.

My record is 175 daze and not as mtn employee or anything, that was SERIOUS! :P

175 days is quite impressive for a non employee.

I talked to a ski guide who said he got 250 days one year. He was working both northern and southern hemispheres.

My record is 71 days on skis. I did manage to get 26 days on ice this year.

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This guy has a few days in.

Ski's alot


and I got to 65 over the past two months. getting tired of the southside crowds. but the snow is still good. (early)



I met that guy when I was working at Copper Mountain, CO! He's super cool, some days he would ride the magic carpet up the tubing hill just to make his requisite turns.

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