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summer jorb


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Gettin an early start for lookin fer a summer jorb.

This is actually a serious post. It's either summer school or a jorb. Obviously i'm lookin' for something that i can take a week off here and there, with a day or two off per week in between.

PM me if you have any GOOD suggestions. I'd really appreciate it. There's a lot of stuff i'd like to climb this summer, and I can't do it when i'm in summer school.


Examples: chiro's, ortho's, PT's to work for...sweet landscaping or painting gigs...etc.

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R U going to be in Seattle? Can you drag and chip brush? If I yell, "headache," can you get out of the way in .75 sec? Do you like the smell of diesel in the morning?


If yes maybe we can talk.


PS If you do some big climb, but you are scheduled to work the next day can you suck it up and not whine?

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NCNP Ranger so you can issue tickets and citations to people who chop devils club with a machete or have illegal bonfires in remote wilderness areas!
I did that for ten years in the 80's - 90's. It's not that exciting ..I only ended up issuing about a dozen tickets over ten years. It's more just climbing and shit. Pretty boring stuff, really. I'd stick to painting houses and mowing lawns.
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