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  1. finger problem?

    I pulled something in my ring finger on my left hand I'm pretty sure, climbing on Crime of the Century the other weekend... It doesn't seem to to hurt and i don't even feel it when i climb though.. But when I train on a fingerboard or rock rings and do two or three finger pullups, etc. it sends pain shooting all the way from my first joint through my palm and into my wrist.. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what to do to recover or what it is? Thanks in advance.
  2. Pete Doorish, where are you?

  3. yakima forecast ;)

    and the sea level will fall by hundreds of feet.... and we will find amazing new routes....

    i had my vehicle shot up with a shotgun and drove over repeatedly last january when i was on an overnight ice climbing trip. Pretty gnarly. I had no comprehensive cuz i wanted to save money and just got basic so nothing was covered. People can be a**holes. oh well... life goes on
  5. pull up failure

    check this out... pretty funny... http://www.zebloc.com/video/video/newton.mov
  6. DRUGS!

    well rugs are something you lick
  7. Sex Pistols

  8. At least he was organized

    yeah yeah yeah... they all do it... he's just the dumb one who got caught.
  9. DRUGS!

    what are drugs???
  10. Now this shit is funny!

    that is so gnarly.... I gotta try it sometime..
  11. Checkin' $20's !!!!

    yeah i hate it when they check my pennies and quarters... Really bothers me...
  12. Climbing in Cuba?!

    i'm gonna phone up Bush and tell on you! Maybe I'll get a medal or something...
  13. nice hiest

    well when i am not correcting grammar sometimes i like to.... well actually i don't do anything else... I just joined this site to monitor spelling and grammar in posts. Who cares about climbing anyways when you have grammar???
  14. just for a giggles

    while we're at it.......
  15. One weekend in Spokane, what to do?

    "One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble Not much between despair and ecstasy One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble Can't be too careful with your company I can feel the devil walking next to me"