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AAJ 2006 - Washington submissions


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Colin Haley has stepped down as Washington correspondent for the American Alpine Journal (AAJ) due to lack of time. The volunteer editors of the Northwest Mountaineering Journal (NWMJ) are taking up the AAJ correspondent's role. The NWMJ editors will contact persons who have reported new routes in Washington to obtain permission to publish their reports in both the NWMJ and the AAJ.


Our goal is to be complete as possible, so please pass this message on to climbers who might not see it otherwise.


The NWMJ submission deadline is March 31, 2006. This is after the normal sumission deadline for the AAJ. The NWMJ editors will forward materials to the AAJ editors as soon as possible after the NWMJ deadline closes. Both the NWMJ and AAJ are scheduled to be published in "Summer 2006."


The NWMJ accepts first-person accounts of all new routes, first winter ascents, and first ski descents reported in the Northwest.


The AAJ accepts first-person accounts (200-500 words) of climbs of Grade IV seriousness or higher. For shorter routes and current trends, the NWMJ editors will prepare a regional summary for the AAJ.


Please submit reports for either the NWMJ or AAJ to the address shown below. Thanks!


Lowell Skoog

NWMJ editorial team leader


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We will again be a conduit for some of the Washington reporting this year. Again, we at the Northwest Mountaineering Journal will be compiling a summary Washington State report. If you are not successful in submitting directly, we can relay anything you may have -- and we'd like to hear about it for mention in our summary as well.

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