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Alpental Valley


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Colin, I went up on Saturday to Snow Lake and saw plenty of Backcountry skiing going on. It looked real good in the basin below Chair Peak, especially in some of the couliors that some folks had skiied. The snow pack was solid and there had not been many slab releases at all, just a few small ones on the upper part of traverse to the basin. I got some images I got put on the web, so send me an email later to remind me. L8R

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I went up to the base of Chair today to check out the North Face and NE Butt. North Face looked like it needed some more snow but doable. NE Butt had been climbed recently and looked good. The snow below Chair to the North was awesome. The ride down from Chair to Source was awesome!! Back country boarding rules!!!

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On Sunday I climbed NE Buttress and saw Colin soloing the north face. He said it was in fine condition. NE Butt was ok, the weather since then should bring it into better condtion. Tried the NE Slab of the Tooth on Saturday. It did not go for us. Found 2-3 inches of rotten ice overlayed by snow. If this weather pattern persists, the conditions should improve.

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Got back about an hour ago from the North Face of Chair.

First, congrats to Colin for a fine solo (IMHO). There is ice on the route, especially the first pitch, but there is also a lot of granular snow over rock, making for poor sticks and unsure footing.

Of note: A moderately sized slab release high above the approach gully (the one above Source Lake, not the one to the base of the route) ran the length of the gully. I'd guess two days ago? There was one set of downhill tracks in the debris, but none up. Not huge, but more than big enough to kill. I expected the snow to be much more stable than it was.

Also of note: We were the only ones up there today! What gives? I'll have a TR and some pics up later today.

Happy New Year all-


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