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  1. I bought a ton of Backpacker's Pantry meals this spring for a Denali expedition, but ended up taking only some of them. Since I live in a small space, I don't feel like storing them. They are all "serves two" packages, and a variety of fancy flavors... Pad Thai, Pad See You, Three Sisters Stew, Chicken Piccata with Tagliatelle, Shepherd's Potato Stew with Beef, Chana Masala, Beef Pho, Chiang Mai Coconut Curry with Beef, Jamaican Style Jerk Rice and Beans with Chicken, Cincinnati Style Chili with Beef, etc. Selling as many as you'd like (I think I have about 40) for 60% of the standard prices on their website. If you buy 15 or more, then 50% of the standard prices on their website. I don't want to bother meeting up to sell fewer than 6. Cash only. Located in Seattle, and usual preference is to meet at the Seattle Bouldering Project, although I have some flexibility. 206-334-3512
  2. For Sale: Lowa "Ice-Comp" fruit boots, with BD bolt-on crampons, size 41.5 - $160 BD "Neve" step-in aluminum crampons, very good condition - $100 Grivel "Air-tech-light" strap-on aluminum crampons, good condition - $80 Petzl mintraxions - $50 each Trango "Cinch" - $30 Mammut "Smart Alpine" - $30 Climbing Technology "Alpine Up" - $40 Wild Country "Ropeman II" ascenders - $20 each BD "Turbo Exress" Ice screw, 16cm, very good condition (sharp) - $40 Kong "Gigi" belay plate - $10 Figure-8 belay devices - $5 each Glacier-travel rope pullies - $5 each Located in Seattle. Cash, in-person only, at a location that is relatively convenient for me (probably the parking lot of the Seattle Bouldering Project). You can see a photo here: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/5876382048.html Best to contact me by phone call or text: 206-334-3512
  3. For Sale: a pair of Silvretta 400 bindings, to use with mountaineering boots. They are definitely old, they are definitely not that rad, but they will definitely work with your climbing boots, and Silvrettas are definitely hard to find. $60 Seattle-area. Cash, in person only.
  4. Selling a pair of climbing approach skis, with bindings and skins, for $200. Skis are Hagan Tour Carbon, 160cm. Bingings are Silvretta 404. Skins are mohair - their glide is good, but they could use new glue. None of it is the latest, raddest gear, but these skis will work with any mountaineering boots (except exceptionally small boots - they are the standard binding length), and Silvretta bindings are becoming increasingly hard to find. Located in the Seattle area, cash only. 206-334-3512.
  5. Selling a complete ski touring setup: Skis - Atomic TMX, 177cm, 115-84-107mm Bindings - Fritschi Freeride, medium length (These bindings will fit all types of boots, whether specific touring boots or normal alpine (downhill) boots. The medium length will fit most people, unless you have very small or very big boots). Skins - Black Diamond mohair/nylon mix, trimmed to these skis. This is a well used setup, and definitely not the latest, raddest stuff. However, if you're thinking of getting into backcountry skiing, it's a great first setup to see if you like it without a big investment. A big plus is that these bindings will work with your normal alpine (downhill) ski boots, and I can help adjust the bindings to your boots if you don't know how. $150 for the skis+bindings+skins, or $165 with a LifeLink lexan snow shovel as well. I tried uploading a photo and it never went through, but there is a picture on the craigslist add I just posted: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/5174098890.html Located in the Seattle area. Please call/text if interested: 206-334-3512
  6. I'm always pleasantly amazed in the Canadian Rockies at how my crampons and ice tools stay perfectly sharp after tons of mileage on limestone (not the quartzite though...). Back on granite or gneiss they get quite dull in just one day of mixed climbing. How does volcanic choss compare, say on Tahoma, Kulshan, Colfax, etc? Of course the rock isn't solid at all, but that doesn't necessarily indicate a lower hardness. My limited experience seems to suggest that crampons don't dull nearly as fast as on granite/gneiss, but perhaps faster than on limestone. I'm guessing that people who tromp around on Tahoma (Rainier) all summer have a pretty good gauge of this. Thoughts?
  7. I have a pair of Scarpa Omega boots that I bought for a specific project, but never ended up using. I thermo-molded the Intuition liners (you can mold them a few times with good results), but have never worn the boots outside. These are the lightest plastic boots you can get, and Intuition liners are very warm. They are UK size 7, which is US size 8. $160 cash. They are in the Seattle area. Call or text: 206-334-3512. Don't both sending me a private message on cascadeclimbers, because it's unlikely that I'll see it.
  8. I'm thinking of buying a van to roadtrip in more comfort than in my Subaru wagon. It would be great to get something already modified for bivying inside, but the proper "campers" have way more bells and whistles than I need. I bet that lots of other climbers have modified their vans to a similar Spartan level that I would desire! Tired of roadtripping and have a mobile bivouac to sell (in Seattle or surrounding region)?
  9. Looking for a pair of Silvretta 500's to purchase. I am specifically looking for the short length (there are three lengths). colinhaley1@gmail.com Thanks!
  10. Awesome photo, Dru - thanks. Actually, I think this MIGHT even be 3 years of accumulation in these photos. In mid Sept last year the Pocket Glacier was very much still there, and at the start of Sept 2010 it was also still very big. In any event, it seems to be going fast now. I think the ice in these photos is thick enough to actually have plastic flow at the bottom (I think that from one year of accumulation the Pocket Glacier only experiences "snow creep"), which might make the glacier more likely to slide off than when it is thinner.
  11. I'm pretty sure that the Pocket Glacier never slid off last year (it was still completely there, but with tons of crevasses, in mid September last year), and that in this photo we are seeing two year's worth of accumulation. I wonder actually if sometimes having more ice accumulation (for example, two year's worth) makes the Pocket Glacier more likely to slide off completely. In any event, I wonder what this heat wave will do to it. Dru, keep us informed if you catch a glimpse again!
  12. I have a pair of Scarpa Maestrale touring boots for sale. They are good boots, but I bought them on a poor impulse decision thinking that they were stiffer than they actually are. In reality, they are a very similar boot to one that I already have (Dynafit TLT5), that happen to fit my feet better. They are mondo size 26.0. They have only been skied about 6-8 days ever, and the intuition liners have only been molded once, so they can for sure be molded a few more times. I'm asking only $200, because I'm leaving for Alaska on Saturday, and would love to get this taken care of before then. colinhaley1@gmail.com 206-334-3512 Colin
  13. Haha, thanks Hannah! Although perhaps they are more rock climbers than they are alpinists, there's also Chris Weidner (badass rock climber, who now lives in Boulder) and Kevin Newell (lives in CA now, our local FiveTen rep). And yeah, that Bart Paull sure is cute. I'm sure there are lots more. Music-wise, there's Steve Miller and Candlebox! But I'm the only one who still lives at their parent's house! Hope to see some of you guys at the slideshow tonight. There won't be any rockshoes in the photos, but there will be a lot of big, snowy mountains!
  14. Farrgo: Yeah, the "West Face, left side" (I'd refer to it by the FA party, but I don't have my Beckey guide here), went straight up into where the rockscar now is. Based on your line, it looks like "Scarface" is not really a new route at all, but merely a few new pitches through the rock scar. I don't mean to belittle your climb at all, because I think it's super cool that you guys climbed through the rock scar, but I don't think it's really a new route since the terrain above and below looks to be exactly the same. Indeed, that handcrack down low is awesome, eh? Agreed that there is still lots of room for more routes on variations on that quality face. Our own mini version of the Incredible Hulk!
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