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Not that any of you care....BUT


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Ben Moon's site has a wealth of training information that actually makes sense, especially given the fact that it has been paying off for someone who is doing some of the hardest moves on rock (Ben Moon). Also, it is presented in an unpretentious fashion that does not assume that you wish to climb 5.14+, but rather that you want to increase your ability in SOME way. Thanks for the link; I found it extremely informative and useful.


P.S. Bouldering is about doing the hardest moves on rock and about exploring possibility in the seemingly impossible. In this way it has resonance with other forms of climbing, but generally most comparisons have been close-minded and amount to simple value judgements. For me the "best"-or at least the most inspiring-climbers are those who are well-rounded and who seem to enjoy all aspects of climbing.

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The hardest moves weren't V16 when people were "bouldering" 100+ years ago...but they were still doing the hardest moves. To clarify I guess that would be the "top end" of bouldering. In general it's about alot of things, including the freedom of gymnastic movement without all the trappings. There, I took the bait.

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Wait a minute, you can't really compare bouldering to knitting. Knitting is the alpine climbing of the handicraft world-- double pointed needles, stitch markers-- it's gear intensive. Bouldering would be something small and intricate like crocheting a hacky sack. I'm not sure what sport climbing is, maybe one of those needlepoint thingys that spells out "Bless This Home" and has a picture of a cat sleeping.

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I'm not sure what sport climbing is, maybe one of those needlepoint thingys that spells out "Bless This Home" and has a picture of a cat sleeping.


as long as the pattern is pre-printed on the fabric and you sew within the designated lines.


is RMI-style volcano slogging the equivalent of a quilting bee?

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Distel: I want to thank you for directing us to the link. Some of that stuff is way interesting even for a fat armchair dude like myself. Inspiring even.




The folks dissing on boulderers remind me of people who adamatly insist that "FORDS ARE BETTER THAN CHEVYS." (or the reverse or some faximile thereof).


I thought some of the training stuff was real good. Anyone else see this ? "Finshed with 4 sets of one arm pull ups 2, 3, 3, 3, on each arm with ab work in between sets."


Fuck me, I think I pulled a muscle just reading it. Pretty hard.


Those one armed pullups he ended with had followed this stuff ....."

Trained back at the School for about 1 3/4 hours. Felt quite heavy at the start of the warm up which could be a result of the cement mixing or just not having done anything for 4 days. However started to feel pretty good after about 15 mins and filmed a couple of the problems on the Moon board (problem 15 7b and problem 10 8a).


Then did Campus lock offs for about 20mins. I did 8 on each arm with about 1 mins rest in between right and left arm (this equals 1 set) and about 2 mins rest between sets. I am working towards feeling really strong on 1-5-8 before moving on which is starting to happen. As I get stronger on this I will reduce down the amount of rest between reps and sets. When I am feeling really strong and confident even with short rests then I will move on to say 1-5-8.5. Remember, if you are doing something you did before with shorter rests then you have upped the intensity and are getting stronger. Playing around with rest periods is good but don't get hung up on time. Take what you need but not more."


The mans an animal, I got tired just reading it, and think I might have pulled a finger tendon or 2 when he got to the 8A part on the moon board, which was before the 1 armed pullups BTW.


Sh*t- I gotta go ice now.


I gotta start getting to the gym again.

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Dave G repeated nicole's "v15" in three days and downrated it to v13/14, vis is on moonclimbing.com.


shit looks sick.




Mao says suck a snaffle's cock


Fred Nicole is three times the size of Dave Graham. Dave should be worried about being smooshed by such a large, mean-looking--what is Fred, a Frenchman? Whatever, he's a massive, burly ogre! shocked.gif


Lookout, Davey! boxing_smiley.gif

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