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Secret Skull f***


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"Yeslam and Osama are among 54 children of the late Saudi construction magnate Mohammed bin Laden and his 22 wives. The extended family includes several hundred people."
I wonder how much interaction young Osama had with his father?


At least a little, and at least some time ago. My dad had several dinners with MBL (OBL's dad), at which a young OBL was always at the dinner table. This was back in the late 1960's (shortly before MBL's death) when my dad was in the USACoE and doing project management work for ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia. MBL was the sole Catepillar equipment dealer in Saudi Arabia, and hence the relationship between my dad and OBL's dad.


My dad commented to me some time later that it could have been very easy for our family and the Bin Laden's to have been friends. If my family had travelled with my dad to SA instead of staying in Washington while he was on TDY, I probably would have been a schoolchum of OBL. Now that's just plain wierd, and too close in terms of degrees of separation. hellno3d.gif

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dude - she's just like me!


No Sir.


Sorry to break it to ya, but none of the guys on this site are lusting after you. They would all, however, climb into that tub with no hesitation with Ms Bin-Hottie I suspect. grin.gif


Sorry to rain on that parade but someone needs to break the news to you! yelrotflmao.gif

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Got it already, just after lunch today. Those cloak-n-dagger guys don't waste any time at all getting on this stuff.




OK, Sobo, are you joking or what?


Extra credit if you tell us who the US Gov't mole is on cc.com.


Well, I was actually kidding about the phone call, but three very strange things really did happen to me today after I posted that:


1. I can receive email on my workstation from anyone, but now I can only reply to folks who are on my work's email server. I couldn't email you right now (from work) if I wanted to. Never happened before; wierd, huh?


2. The 1-800 numbers that I use for communicating with my other company offices are now all "...blocked from your area code - Error #12-4." Never happened before; pretty strange, don't you think?


3. The keys for my office's streetside mailbox (you know, those "multi-box" metal contraptions that show up in new subdivisions alot) don't work anymore. They worked fine yesterday. Now, this one creeps me out the most.


So whaddaya think? Am I being "observed" under the FISA? Did George get a warrant yet? I'm afraid to leave for home...

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A lot of times when someone is going be kicking shit down turd alley we will get a call to forward vmail and change passwords on the phone switch and other systems in the hospital. It is kind of wierd when you sort of know some bigwig is on his way out before he does. Management are usually a bunch of back biting bottom feeders at best so there is a perverse streak of enjoyment there also.

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