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coleman headwall / coleman glacier


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Dru, Is PageTop the name of that route on Colfax or something else? It has been plenty cold on the North Side of Baker. I was up there last Sunday and there were several flows frozen up on the cliff bands to the left of the hogs back or climbers trail. They are all fairly easy but there was ice and quite a bit of it. Couldnt see Colfax from there though as it was snowing a bit. Even some sunstantial in the creeks on the way up there and it has gotten colder since. Go get it!

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Originally posted by Fence Sitter:

does anyone knwo any short cuts from lanley B.C. to the heliotrope ridge trailehad or shoudl i jsut hit I-5 to bakerhighway or whatever?

grab sack of weed

drive to cultus lake

look for footy prints heading thru the edge of a farmers field to hook up with US backroad [laf]

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The person you ran into on the trail was me, not TLG, she and the Col were up in the serrac fields, you may have seen them and not known it.


It was a great time, on Sunday we climbed some water ice right near our camp spot, Fern showed us how it was done, Rodeo climbed in Lowa low ankle trail shoes and some non rigid crampons...way to go!!


I'm sure someone will be posting pic's, or maybe we can see them at the pub club.


Thanks for the KGB Fence Sitter, was it too cold for you guys to stay a second night or what??



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we had to get back for school...we had a mid-term make-up in our anthropology course...would have stayed as it was beautiful, but oh well...yeah i saw cavey and highlander on their way up to camp...we never went over to the serac field and instead found our own lil paradise after turning around on the climbing route... [big Grin] perhaps next time...eh?


[ 11-03-2002, 06:50 PM: Message edited by: Fence Sitter ]

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Good times up on the Coleman Saturday afternoon

Sergio and I met up with TLG and CVS and Saturdya morning and hiked up to the coleman glacier.


Lots of people already out there. It was a sweet ass day of sun and fun




Once the sun went down over the ridge it got pretty cold and we bolted around 430pm and thoguht how cold all you guys were gonna be that night.


How was the French Dining?


We had fun in the sun on Sunday at 11worth up at Sam Hill, I stuck my finger in a a fuzzy navel of a talk show host


Climbed until the sun went down




Climbing in T shirts in November rulez

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Scott Harder


Likes: Hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing (sport and trad), adventure racing

Goals: Liberty Ridge (Mt Rainier), The Ultimate Everything (Big Chief, Squamish), Adams Glacier (Mt Adams), Outerspace (IV, 5.9+), Serpentine Arete (Dragontail Peak)

Accomplishments: Mt Rainier (Emmons & DC), Mt Adams 3X, Mt Baker, Mount Shasta


I see, not only is R&D route grade III, but Outer Space is Grade IV and there's a new mountain in Squamish called Big Chief! That Ultimate Everything on it must be Grade VII AT LEAST! [laf]

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