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Need to replace some slings - who does a good job?


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If you were down in the Portland area, I would say Climb Max. They do a good job, from everyone that I have heard down here. I was planning on getting some of my metolius TCUs reslung soon, and if I don't drop them at the plant on a trip down to Smith, I will probably go to Climb Max.

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Yates Gear Inc. 2608 Hartnell Ave. #6 Redding, CA 96002

Phone # (530) 222-4606. John and Karen Yates have been doing a great job on cams for years. Let them know how you want it and what kind of web you want and they will surely hook it up. They will sew web on what ever you want!

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Would anybody on the planet do this forme:


I like it when the cams have a doulbed length sewn sling so you can have the sewn sling extended or short.

I prefer wc rigid friends. Every comapny tells me that the hole on the wc cams is to small to accomadate the doulbed sling feature. But now with the super skinny mammut slings, it would be possilbe. Am I just a few years to early for this? and does mammut have a monoply on the razor skinny spectra slings?


btw mt.tools has done good work for me in the past.

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Mammut doesn't have a monopoly per say, but the method in which they produce the slings kinda creates one... they actually weave the sling wider at specific points (12", 24", and 48" etc.) to allow for the stitching/bar tacks... that is to say one can't just whack off a specific length and sew it together. You might be able to purchase 24" runners from mammut unsewn and then get mammut (or someone else… I’m willing to bet Metolius would do it for you… let me know if you need a contact name) to sew what you are describing. I do believe the mammut rep posts on the page semi regularly (at least that is his avatar); perhaps you should pm him. Something I do often to get around this is to girth hitch 12" runners to the sewn runner on the cam... just clip the appropriate length and run... make sense? Hope this helps!

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