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  1. funny - i would say the opposite of scaredsilly - my experience is alpine ascents is smaller denali groups and more personal. alpine institute more "industrial". although not in a kmfdm, nitzer ebb, skinny puppy kind of way.
  2. i did the grand traverse last year in b5's - partner in five tennies - i think the tennies were easier on his feet for the easier terrain. but the edging was better in the b5's. either worked well for us.
  3. i found the approach moderately challenging (we did epi three weeks ago) for a 4 WD that has pretty low clearance. the clearance is more of an issue than needing 4wd. pack a cooler with some cold ones for the drive out.
  4. call remote medical international - they could probably set you up with a good deal and customize it for you as well
  5. i have a couple of terraplanes from a rental fleet. i can look to see the sizes. they are older danas - i think from 05? pm me for me details
  6. i have been there 4 times - feel free to pm me
  7. MEC blitz day pack - used once - $12 (the extra $2 is to cover shipping) looks like this: http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441773719&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302699687&bmUID=1199152790949
  8. SOLD - 4 Yates Screamers - all for $20 BD Ion Headlam (in package - not opened) - $10 SOLD Petzl Ascender (yellow, left hand, lightly used) - $25 SOLD Tri-cam (.5, 1,0, 1.5) - all for $20 DMM nut tool (doubles as bottle opener) $5 SOLD - Metolious TCU's - #3 (orange) - $20, #0 (purple) $20, #00 (grey) $20 SOLD Friends - fixed stem #.5 $10, flex stem #1.25 $15 SOLD Petzl Tibloc - $15 can set-up bulk deal if purchasing multiple items - just ask.
  9. this pack has been used once on a short backpack trip and a handful of times as a duffle. size small. is currently a little dusty - i will work on cleaning it up for you. good to go - great price - $120 bucks, includes shipping. I also have a terraplane (same condition and story) size xl - $150 bucks. (shipping included) want both? $220 (including shipping)
  10. SOLD - used wild things andinista - circa 2001? still in bomber shape. this is a size small. should fit up to 5' 9" and 36in waist..color is black with spectra ripstop material. $50 bucks, $5 bucks shipping (if it costs more than that I will cover it) great pack for all kinds of travel and climbing. shipping from arizona.
  11. homeowners covered it - i took a picture of the rack and gear (prior to the theft...) and used that to calculate the check with the adjuster
  12. brand new bourdon/tasaka squamish bouldering guide - i am moving and don't need it. FS - $20 check or paypal will work. pm me.
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