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  1. The old Idaho guide from '86 shows these guys belaying from their boat...climbing some stellar looking rock. Does anyone know more about climbing on pend oreille lake?
  2. Kissing rock in Gold Beach Oregon has two three pitch routes on it. One bolted by me about 7 years ago - which also requires some chocks. Very good exposure on top.
  3. Mr. Phil send me an email at hansgear "at" gmail "dot" com the pm message won't go through. Two of the cuffs are in good shape, the third has loose stitching. I can take a picture tonight.
  4. I have set of the Trango Russian Aiders for sale. This includes three foot set-ups (what is not in that good of condition) and two aid trees. These are super rare to find - $75 shipped
  5. You guys are communist - let capitalism plays its course.
  6. Sale...sale...sale 189 cm seth pistols with or without G3 Targas with race bindings - $275 with or $200 without. skis in decent shape, drilled once previous, some scratches Brand new Atomic RC-9 classic skis (2005 model) - 206 cm hard flex, wax. Mounted with new equipe skate/classic bindings. These things haul ass -$100
  7. Hoping to ski cascadian c. on Stuart and conditions make me think I will be skinning the Teanaway instead of looping around. Any idea how far I would need to skin to the trail head? Anyone have a snowmobile and want to make some money!?!?
  8. bump - price reduced to $200 BTW: I agree about your evaluation of Goode - but his skis rock and DB trusted him with manufacturing....err until he shut him down
  9. Good says to ski them about 12 cm shorter than your standard alpine ski size....something to do with the stiffness of the carbon???
  10. These are barely used Goode's from 2002-2003 season. Boards are full on carbon fiber - crazy light and stiff - great moutaineering skis. They have been mounted once for alpine binders but have not really been skied on. Dims are 102- 79-101. More than a pound lighter than the famous Shuksan rando boards and about twice and burly. email me at hansgear "at" gmail 'dot' com. $250 bad picture attached
  11. How about turning this into a bidding war I'll give ya $200 + a SMC snow fluke and a SMC 2ft anchor for the Dagger Grand Cayman
  12. I picked this up at REI about 4 months ago and have used in maybe 6 times. Fit is awesome.....but the harness is just a little to big for me in the waist. In new condition -$45. Adding to list: Black Diamond Yosemite Piton Hammer – basically new, comes with funkness device - $60 4 Kong Pitons (angles) new - $5 each or all for $15 I also have 6 used REI oval biners $3 each
  13. Perfect weather - although a bit warm and kicking up the avy danger (lots of slides in afternoon) Here are some pics: Coming over the last hump Skiing out
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