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pope said:

JayB said:


It seems to me that there's pretty broad agreement on these matters, as there is for the notion that sport-bolting should be confined to areas with an established sport-ethic like Exit 38 and Vantage as well. Is there someone putting up bolt-every-six-feet clip ups at Darrington, Static Point, Index, Castle-Rock, WA Pass, the Stuart Range, etc. etc. etc. that I am not aware of?


The fact of the matter is that there aren't, and if there were, there would be almost no opposition to chopping them. All of which makes me wonder why the two of you are still bothering with the anti-bolting Jeremiads at this date.


As far as restoration is concerned, I wouldn't mind seeing a list of routes in need of restoration myself. In this case, though, it would be a list of routes sporting rusty 1/4"ers that could use replacing and a way to track which of these routes have been taken care of.


Fact is, they do exist. And they do get erased. As a family man who doesn't get to climb as much as he wishes, it's a pain in the arse to spend a day doing restoration. I spent a day with Retro doing this kind of work and it required all day just to clean up two routes. I'd much rather be climbing.


Restoration (the forum that will never exist, due to predispositions of some of our moderators) could certainly include discussion on upgrading old fixed anchors. Good idea.


I have just started such a thread in THE NEW ROCK CLIMBING FORUM. Post info about suspect anchors there.

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I agree that you are right to question whether we could ever succeed in any self-regulation, and whether any discussion on c.com would even help with such an effort. However, what is your option? You can head over to Leavenworth and pull some bolts with Mitch once a year, or I suppose you can start contacting land managers to try to get places like Vantage shut down, but if you actually want to impact what other climbers do, I don't think there are very many options.

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I have been restoring my mind to the beauty of the mountains for the past 2 years. I hope you guys can figure this discussion out.


Meanwhile I will continue to keep my restoration going.


If you bolt clippers and bolt choppers and bolt removers want to climb shit let me know. But I dont want to hear your rants when we go climbing. This is a good place for it though.


I rapped off a bolt yesterday. I guess I am guilty of sport climbing for using it but that is ok with me.


I still think that "Peter Puget" is pretty manipulative with words and is sometimes full of shit but I think at least Perkins has some good points, arguments, and respectful criteria to base his arguments upon in contrast to Peter PumperPubicHair. Firstmost allowing himself to discuss things with his real name.

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