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Building a Rack


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BD #.5, #2...Rock Empire yellow...Wild Country #4...My cams range from Forged Friends to Aliens to DMM to Trango...my rule though is use passive pro unless I'm sketched or a cam is just a better placement. There is nothing more reassuring than a solidly placed #9 stopper. smirk.gif


Tri-cam lovers, I have a #2 and after learning how to place it, I do love it. I want to get one more, which size do you use the most?

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my preference is for BD's on the .5-3.5 and metolius(TCU's) and aliens on the smaller side...i have taken a few pretty big whips on the blue TCU and it is bomber... but i think with any cam, if you lpace it right it will hold, but the main difference is how easy they are to place....BD are easiest ( i think) because they have a larger range (even if they give up some power they are still more than adequate) so i use those, but i like the TCU's on the smaller side because they have a smaller profile, but still have a larger surface area(good for awkward placements and shallow ones as well)... just my 2 cents... gotta eeeenjoy the $$$ aspect of trad... grin.gif

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