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[TR] Marmot Pass to Charlia Lakes - Boulder Ridge Notch to lakes 07/24/2022


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Trip: Marmot Pass to Charlia Lakes - Boulder Ridge Notch to lakes

Trip Date: 07/24/2022

Trip Report:


Not a climb but a nice day out so enjoy the photos.


Kiba and I went up to Charlia Lakes via Marmot pass on Sunday.   Woke up at 4 to hike in the cool of the morning,  at Camp Mystery all the folks in the city of tents there were still asleep when we passed through.  Up to Marmot pass, and then up the ridge to the south....it too littered with tents.  We followed the ridgeline on the way trail till it ended. Can't be taking the dog on 4th class stuff.  So we dropped down to the east in the scree, and contoured staying as high as possible.   After a little while we could see a notch  in the ridge, accessible by another scree field.   Climbed up that and down below was the beautiful green tarn of upper Charlia.   We headed down on more scree, and then boulder fields, and reached the Charlia Lakes trail  in between the two lakes.  Hiked down to the lower lake, big fish jumping down there.   Then we headed back up to the upper lake then Charlia Pass, down to Boulder shelter, and back up to Marmot Pass and out.   My watch died but I think maybe 17 miles.  Not a soul at the lakes, unless you count the fish.



Gear Notes:

Approach Notes:
up down up down up down up down

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