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Kid carrying packs


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I abused the crap out of a couple of Kelty packs, over a span of 3 kids.   The ones with the aluminum frame...

   The first pack eventually failed at the plastic hinges where the rear set of legs swings open to hold the pack up when it's on the ground. I think the bottom section of the legs got kicked a lot, as the kids got bigger.

A friend gave me theirs as a replacement, and I still have it hanging in the garage.  They held up over many hundreds of miles and trips overseas including bigger overnight backpacking trips where they were overloaded with extra gear or a bigger kid.

I'm of the opinion that the most important quality in a backpack is the way it fits your body personally - but those Keltys worked great for me.


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I cannot recommend the Deuter Kid Comfort II Carrier more highly! [This is for toddlers and up though. For a newborn you'll want a chest sling/papoose.] The Deuter was incredible and durable and really well designed. It handles heavy weight (whiney kids too lazy to walk) with well-thought-out straps, waist belt, load adjustments with plenty of pockets etc for diapers, blankets, Scooby snacks etc. Not cheap but worth it.That flip out kick stand that turns it into a chair (for the kid) is essential during breaks as they can keep snoozing comfortably in it when it's not on your back.  I got two for my kids from Steep and Cheap for half off. Splurge for the rain and sun cover accessories. I gave my two away, otherwise I would give one to you. 

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