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self arrest video


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Some time ago, someone posted a link to videos showing some fairly realistic self arrest footage. If I remember correctly, they were shot on glacial ice, and the point of the videos was to demonstrate the violent nature of arresting a crevasse fall by a roped partner, and how anchors handle high shock loads. The videos were not fancy productions, and might have been from overseas (Russia, maybe?). Can anyone reference these (I know a million of these are out there...hoping to track down these specific ones though)? Thanks.

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Obviously, in the Czech Republic they do not know the "Euro" method of glacier rope travel for 2 (even 3) climbers using the "butterfly knot" as a "stopper" to shorten the fall and help with rope dynamics.

With 5-6 butterfly knots every 3m between climbers that takes care of 30-35 meters, and still leaves some tail for each climber to set up a pulley system.

Nice music though. :yoda:


Maybe they can get a copy of Freedom of the Hills (Edition 7, pg.387) or later.

p.s. The Mountain decides who lives and who dies - beware of the slippery slope.

btw, when you fall far enough to scream - that's called a "Screamer" not a "Whipper".

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