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  1. Bonfire!

    burn, , burn!
  2. Bonfire!

    interesting thought. So what's the socially responsible way to go? 1. harvest all usable organs for transplant/research 2. remove all heavy metals for recycling 3. flense the flesh into vat of biodiesel 4. crumble the bones into the garden to make the veggies grow Or...have your buddies trundle your corpse off into the woods to feed the worms?
  3. Those Crazy Dutch!

    Back on topic- In related news, the US is keeping up with the Dutch model of personalized government services. This summer, each US citizen will be issued a personalized debit card, with thier share of the US debt already debited from the card.
  4. Bonfire!

    What a relief. I thought this was going to be about that new editorl of 'Climbing'.
  5. Those Crazy Dutch!

    Fine. You still make the rest of us nervous.
  6. light weight alpine pack

    Thanks, ML & OC.
  7. light weight alpine pack

    I'm pretty interested in the cilogear stuff. Please post again once you've given your new pack a beating.
  8. Olympia Climber Climbs- REALLY!

    grrrrrrrrrrrr- TIGER!

    Whew. Now I don't feel so dirty about what happened.
  10. Olympia Climber Climbs- REALLY!

    She also says to tuck your shirt in. She's embarassed you left the house in that get-up.
  11. Olympia Climber Climbs- REALLY!

    Observe the pathos, the intensity, the rope-management skillz.
  12. i should be kicked off cc.com

    Two days before this becomes an avatar image
  13. martial arts

    I haven't kissed a girl since high school! We should have a contest!
  14. i should be kicked off cc.com

    Bring it, punk! (we speak Merican down here, so no squeezing extra vowels into your color or any such nonsense)
  15. i should be kicked off cc.com

    B-O-R-I-N-G. Anyone want to play Scrabble?
  16. i should be kicked off cc.com

    Indeed. I'm done with this shit. BOOOORING. Anybody got some in-line skates to sell?
  17. Who am I?

  18. Who am I?

    Why? Trolling the 'net for dates again?
  19. Mt Erie Guidebook

  20. Hey Jon!!!

    This is my website. Get off here.
  21. The Great Compromises of Life

    telling her what you're really thinking vs. getting laid
  22. French Youth Protest Against Employment

    I am not putting on that lycra and hanging out at SeaTac EVER again for you. Find some other shill. Ooh, this I'd *like* to see. Woo! Coming soon at a YMCA near you.
  23. Hey, hey

    Sorry- someone had to break the news to ya. However, if you squeezed that excess into some flowerprint lycra, that would be rebellious, perhaps seditious.