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  1. Very inspiring line and objective you chose! Thanks for the pics and shout out, loved reading your report and connecting some dots for all the tracks we saw. We have more copies of the poem if you wanna read it! awesome trip and write up!!
  2. We always sleep the best in the alpine. The first few nights were recovery from the wedding for sure, but once we slept like royalty on tower 3 (~10 hours) we felt completely fresh. And Chads is meant to be shared! Named after my cat, a stellar climber, and inspired by Beckey’s cat food diet, its been our main food source these trips. Most of the other meals we have tried do a number to our stomach and are low in fat. I’m mainly looking for fat, fiber, flavor, and protein when I make it. It’s quite an ordeal to make, so I’m definitely leaving a few things out below since there are many little additions, but I’m happy to share in more detail somewhere else. Half dehydrated eggs following a recipe on YouTube, and most of the rest is a blend of various legumes/quinoa/onions/garlic/etc that I cook and dehydrate. Then tons of herbs, greens, seasonings, and powders like bone broth and some cheese powder this year. These trips were the first time we realized we could eat entire meals of it completely dry and the wedding couple even liked it more this way. So it’s a pretty versatile meal and we mostly ate it dry on Mongo and on the journey home. Which is great if you can wash it down with fresh water but there’s a benefit of not needing water for it. Plus when you make it to the bottom of the bag it makes an incredible hearty soup.
  3. That was you!! You were the only person we saw in the alpine despite all the boot pack up east fury on our way down. We figured you were going to picket pass and out the south pickets. Rad!! I’ll send you a few photos I got of you.
  4. Very glad you enjoyed it, and good to hear it sparked some memories. What a ridge!! Endlessly entertaining, especially when well rested like we were lucky to be. We hoped to document as much as we could of the route and we have more photos. Which was challenging to arrange for this TR given the complexity of the rock. We have video from our amazing bivy on tower 3 and the diagonal rap off the RC but not much more than that. Now that we debriefed a few times, I think there’s a good chance Emilio will have another write up of some kind coming up. Atleast I hope!
  5. We absolutely loved the climbing and specifically the rock, Wayne! The monster chimney on the fin, the arete on the first castle spire, and the chimney/face on alpha all offered unforgettable climbing. Certainly that range hasn’t been explored enough. Lots of admiration for the line and questions about your path compared to ours came up during the trip. Would love to know more specifics about your route up cruiser and castle spires. Thanks for the inspiration which facilitated an amazing trip to the mountains! 🍻
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