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  1. If you like Trout Creek...

    We put up a page with some basic information, suggested talking points and contact information for BLM officials. Please voice your opinion.
  2. quickdraw orientation

    opposite. that way i always clip in the direction of the next bolt and all is good with the world.
  3. Best Oregon Rock Climbing Book?!

    You need more than one. Pick up the Smith Rock guide by Watts, Climbing SW Oregon by Orton and Portland Rock Climbs by Olson. But ... uhhhh .. for good summer rock climbing you might want to try Washington.
  4. Nepal question

    When I was there in '98 some locals took me to a forest reserve close to town where there was some meh climbing on small formations. At the time, they said that was the best available for day trips, but things may have improved since then.
  5. Slide show

    I got a slide projector, but it's got a blown bulb and it could take a couple of days to locate a new one. What's your timeline?
  6. Beginning to Unravel

    FW, the conclusions in the first article, discussing the magnitude of human caused climate change, are directly at odds with the conclusions in the last article you posted, which rejects the idea of human caused climate change. So which do you believe? Just curious.
  7. Exit 32 in the rain?

    I'm headed to Issaquah for the long weekend to visit family. Is it possible to climb at Exit 32 in the rain? Any beta would be super appreciated. My wife and I would be psyched to climb with folks over the weekend if anyone's up for it. Thx!
  8. Exit 32 in the rain?

    Bummer but thanks for the info. I suppose I should bring my ski gear but maybe I'll just end up at SBP.
  9. [TR] Mt. Baker - CD 10/18/2011

    Yo hello Colfax!
  10. Stayed there this weekend. It's well taken care of. Clean sites - clean toilets. Caretakers kept a low profile and left us alone. No meth heads, no garbage. Now if they only they would keep it open during the winter ... and ditch the $3 fee for an extra car.
  11. Good job! Did Doug try to trade you his trashy Vietnamese sandwiches and cardboard like leftover pizzas for some chocolate and bourbon?
  12. Cragging Unknown Climber Clearing the Classic Arete on Traveler's Buttress Alpine Climbing Topping out on Pitch 6 of McTech Arete in the Bugaboos Skiing Dropping the Zipper Couloir on Lane Peak
  13. Scenic Mt. Hood from Hamilton Mountain
  14. Moving things to college?

    Ignore the peanut gallery. Life is what you make of it. I did time in upstate New York and loved it. You'll be close to VT, NH, the Gunks, the Daks, ice climbing, mountain biking, etc. Life ain't all about the size of the mountains in your backyard. Congrats on getting into a good school, and if you're jonesing for a little alpine fix go check out Katahdin in central Maine.
  15. Trip: Lane Peak - The Zipper (ski) Date: 5/22/2011 Trip Report: Four of us skied the Zipper on a wet, soggy spring Sunday in MRNP. Good times! Gear Notes: Gore-Tex and whippet
  16. Trip: El Potrero Chico - Date: 3/29/2010 Trip Report: I managed to get away for about 10 days of climbing down in Mexico in March and had a great time. This site has some beta but really no TRs for Potrero, so here's a link to one. Go check this place out if you get a chance. Gear Notes: 70 m rope, 25 draws Approach Notes: Continental Flight 2185
  17. Is Mr. Todd going to cough up the photos?
  18. Mt. Jefferson

    search the site - there are many trip reports from Jeff - mostly Jeff Park Glacier.
  19. Your best pic of the year...

    Well, we were climbing earlier in the day.

    pretty cool. they id'd one on the Yakima res a couple of years ago.
  21. Hood Pics

    Looks telephoto. I'm gonna say Lost Lake area based on the aspect. Or were you peeing in the bull run watershed when you took this? Summit of Hamilton Mountain. Awesome views of Hood in the right conditions. Here's another fun shot. Who is that shredder?
  22. Hood Pics

    Thanks. Any guess on where its from?