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  1. New double/twins for ice

    beal 8.1 ice line
  2. AT Bindings

    get dynafits. You say you are mainly ski mountaineering, save the weight get st dynafits.
  3. anyone have good info on the logistics of climbing in the bugaboos. daily camping fees, if you need a bc backcountry permit. where everyone gets their chicken wire car defenses from. if the 40 dollar guide is worth it.
  4. Trip: Burgundy Spire - North Face Date: 7/30/2011 Trip Report: North face of Burgundy Spire 5.8 II+ 7.30-7.31 This isn’t so much a trip report as a conditions update for the north face of Burgundy Spire. I will try not to duplicate information found in other sources and trip reports. Hiked in on 7.30 and camped at the col, climbed and descended on 7.31. There is a tiny bit of snow on the approach above the bench other trip reports mention at 6400ft but no ax is required. At the col there are several good platforms, two just barley big enough for a small tent and maybe three others for bivys. There is snow off of the east side of Burgundy Col, and it looked like it would be there for a wile longer. The rock quality is less than stellar low on the route, below the ledges. On the route there is also a nice patch of snow, great for a little mid climb re-hydration, in the “cave” that you scurry through if you traverse right on the large ledges above the third pitch. Lots of rap slings on the descent. Gear Notes: double .5-2, some smaller. the #4 everyone recommends was nice I have always laughed at everyone not being able to figure out how to post photos but low and behold, I cannot figure out to post a photo Approach Notes: one of the best "climbers trails" I have ever used
  5. will there be another kegger next memorial weekend? I'd love to haul 200lbs up the Muir snowfield
  6. [TR] Mt. Baker - Coleman/Deming 6/4/2011

    The ice is definitely going. It has beer really warm and sunny up there. The second tier on the polish route looked especially thin, as in not touching down. The Cosley-Houston route looked a bit better, but there is a lot of snow high on the route.
  7. Best way to get around in the valley.

    If you don't bring a bike use the free shuttle service. Even if you do bring a bike, use the free shuttle service. The shuttle runs up and down both sides of the valley and gets as close to any climbing spot as you could with a car, and you don't have to worry about parking or pay for gas. If I remember right there are 20+ stops on the shuttle. The only problem is figuring out the two different shuttles and their schedule, one circles the center of the valley and the other runs out to el cap. For a few of the longer climbs we did the shuttle didn't run early enough, and a car was helpful then, but over all the shuttle is great.
  8. this september me and my wife are headed down to yosemite for the first time, we will have a little over two weeks. any valley veterans have advice: what is the best guide book, what climbs are a must(5.10 and down), anything else you think someone should know. That kind of stuff.
  9. BD Verdicts for sale $300

    would like to sell the skis above mentioned with mounted fritscheis. asking 550
  10. BD Verdicts for sale $300

    really, nobody wants these skis for 300?
  11. Big shot of Baker's West side

    that is such a great photo.
  12. BD Verdicts for sale $300

    I am selling last years Verdict's (the blue top sheet). the ski is 600 retail so 300 sounds like a good deal to me. they were used last year, so they have been mounted. they are the 190's and the dimensions are 136-102-120, just under 9lbs for the pair. call 206 355 0921, email hanckcodn@gmail.com or PM with more questions. David
  13. left/ lost... who knows the difference. there are a pair of fairly ugly white sunglasses sitting on a log in the forest on the trail down from Boston basin towards cascade river road, let me know if you remember to grab them, i didn't. hancockdn@gmail.com David
  14. LOST CAMERA - Forbidden

    Duchess, I went up the west ridge on Tuesday, august 4. didn't see a thing. sorry.
  15. You: life stole a belay devise. me: i found it, and want to get it back to you. fount in the gully on the way up to the notch in the west ridge of forbidden on august 4. pm or email, hancockdn@gmail.com, name the initials on the bd and get your gear back. David