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  1. But who is the boss, really? ... Nope our packs were the same weight, both when leading and following. On the upper 2K foot wallow, one 1.5L water bottle move back and forth between leader and follower. Last year we summited Denali, so we knew we dealt with 20K feet OK. We got the idea from the Smileys who had a similar schedule and felt the altitude but managed. http://smileysproject.blogspot.com/2015/06/denalis-cassin-ridge-classic-climb-45_25.html We asked our paying bosses, very nicely.
  2. And here a GPS tracks! Cassin_Ridge.gpx And a couple extras: IMG_9713.mov IMG_9702.mov IMG_9659.mov
  3. Trip: Mount Rainier - Liberty Ridge Trip Date: 05/27/2018 Trip Report: We were also on Liberty Ridge this Memorial Day weekend, climbing from Winthrop Glacier to the summit on Sunday. If you were climbing it on Sunday, there might be some photos of you here! Posting in case y'all are interested! Us: Summit camp: GPS tracks: topoMapsExport.gpx Gear Notes: IPhone Approach Notes: East side to gain Liberty ridge
  4. [TR] Chair Peak - North Face 12/16/2017

    The area was around the red line area in the first link you sent. We were definitely very nervous crossing the blue line area to reach our own cache. It was the soft new snow that slid off a harder icy layer. Here's some photos of the crown of the slide.
  5. 2017/18 Oregon Washington ice

    I got a couple photos of you Peter. It was good to meet you!
  6. Rad line! Great photos... What an awesome way to start off the season
  7. Mmm onions, wolves, Darrington deep-water soloing... Oooh la la... Love the photos. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Woohoo! Yeah, thanks Tim! How were the avalanche conditions?
  9. Yeah! I agree, THIS is the spirit! You guys rock! It's too bad it didn't go this year, last year was a lot better for ice. I hope you get on it in the future! Thanks for sharing
  10. Fun fun times! Type 1 the whole time! There is still tons of snow everywhere. Notes: I had expected it to take us less that 4.5 hours to get to the lake, even with the road closed. We were going fast with light packs, but maybe microspikes could have shaved off .5 hours? (not sure) People have done it (with the road closed) in 3.25 hrs. Maybe there was less snow, but kudos! I guessed it would take 6 hours on route, from the lake. It took 5.5. Sweet! I thought it would take <~2 hours to descend back to the lake, it took 1.25(ish) nice... Glissading is great! 4.25hrs back to the cars. There was some lolly-gagging. Evidence in the photos (full-body snow plunging, dying of laughter, etc) Conclusion: Need to make legs move faster, while not falling on face
  11. Way to go Wayne! You are enduro-crimping with style and ease! I can't wait to climb face with your smooth grace.
  12. Whoops, removed the B/C pic. The rock is definitely not that good! I think the descent would have been faster if the rock wasn't wet. I wish downsoloing 20 pitches of 5.7 sounded feesible to me...
  13. [TR] Dorado Needle - SW Buttress 8/21/2016

    Haha, now I will always keep my majestic pig inflated! You've got some beautiful and ominous clouds from the weather. Sounds like you climbed in rock shoes, carried your boots, aluminum crampons and axe. How much water did you bring on the rock climb part? I'm sorry your descent was so tough! Well done, with the crevasse navigation in the whiteout! Those crevasses really opened up since I was there.