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  1. Hi all, Im looking at an early season attempt of the Ptarmigan ridge on Rainier. Specifically the first week in May. I've never been on Rainier that early and im wondering what you all are thinking about such an attempt. Any weather beta or advice for that time of year? Any advice would help.
  2. Howdy, Im trying to send the Ptarmigan ridge on Rainier this May 2022. My current partners are being more flaky than I would like. If you'd like to send with me please message! I do have some specific dates in mind but can me semi flexible. I've taken all the AAI ATML courses, have led alpine mixed climbs and ice climbs and have a full rack or two. Never been on Rainier though. If anyone is interested I'd love to share more info about myself including climbing resume. I'm safe, experienced, and capable!
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