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  1. Is there any info on those climbs out there?
  2. [TR] El Dorado - NW Couloir (Attempt) 11/21/2021

    The feedback on the stove technique is awesome and very appreciated. Ill have to try the MSR mix and love how voile straps can be used for anything! My partner just swapped out one of our jetboils for a windburner at wonderland gear exchange, so interested to give that a go next time and see how it compares.
  3. Trip: El Dorado - NW Couloir (Attempt) Trip Date: 11/21/2021 Trip Report: With the recent warming then cooling, Chris and I tried making a weekend attempt of the NW Couloir after getting inspired from a mountaineers trip posting. Intended to get to the toe of the east ridge on saturday, climb the couloir and get out sunday. We didn't realize how difficult a dumping of 10 inches of snow on Thursday would make that. Left the TH Saturday morning at 8am and took the standard approach up to El Dorado. The mountaineers left slightly before us and we took their path through the boulders, which had just enough snow to hide all the holes, but not enough to support a step (post hole leg breakers galor). Ran into the mountaineers at the end of the boulders and started breaking trail. It was difficult and slow plunge snow shoeing on 10-12 inches of powder. We were quite exhausted and running out of daylight, so we made camp at around 6,400 feet. We were naive and thought the jetboil would be a good stove choice, but it didn't work that well in the cold up there (maybe there is a trick to that?). Woke up the next day and started plunge snowshoeing up to the Inspiration Glacier, but we were smoked and it was slow progress. We discussed that we'd either have to stay for a 3rd day on limited food or be crossing the boulders late at night so decided to turn around after getting onto the Inspiration Glacier at 7,500 for some great views of forbidden et al. Ran into the mountaineers group on the way down, who also decided to turn around given the slow travel. The way down was perhaps more brutal than the way up. The boulders were slicker and trickier to go down trusting a higher force step would hold and you would break your leg. The trees after was a navigation of slick steep roots that chris fell 6 times and broke his poles. TLDR: my quads are burning today. Great views and sufferfest abound. If your eyeing to get it soon and snow holds off there is a nice track for you. Notes: we underestimated how much 10-12 inches of recent snow would slow us down in travel time and added gear weight (snow shoes and avy gear). Having extra food and a better stove system would have gotten us a third day up there. Maybe I need to hit the stairmaster hard for winter mountaineering. Avoiding the climb and doing a ski ascent would have been rad because there was hero pow up there. On the boulders Dropping into the basin with the mountaineers group Tent view El Dorado Glacier to the Inspiration Glacier Gear Notes: Light Rack, Ice Screws, Avy Gear, Picket Approach Notes: Standard approach.
  4. Thanks! We left Leavenworth at 7pm and got no traffic on the way back west.
  5. That headwall crack looks awesome! Way to get it!
  6. Trip: Yellowjacket Tower - Standard - East Trip Date: 09/12/2021 Trip Report: After getting rained out beginning our approach to half moon crags in the morning after bailing on attempting ragged edge, K and I shot for Leavenworth for some surely dry times and granite with our sights on something alpiney. We settled on yellowjacket tower because it been on our to-do list of easy climbs. We also wanted to tick it off after bailing last year because a third member did not like the scramble up high given an overfriendly mountain goat. We left the car around 12 and stashed some beers in the river below the bridge crossing. Steep and sandy approach was a bit more effort than anticipated and higher up had to be more careful with sliding and kicking stuff down. We skirted around the chockstone on some scrambling that took a bit of thought with the ample sand then continued the approach to the base of the route on very loose sand, rock, and wood. For the first scramble we solo'd to the anchors at the beginning. Easy climbing with some spaced gear led to the top of P1. Kurt let the pitch to the summit, nice little step up (protectable with a purple tri-cam). On the second rap down, the rope wrapped around the upside down hanging tree and we redid the P1. Followed a bunch of tree raps down to avoid loose stuff, which was appreciated. Then thigh burner hike down to the river for cool beers by 5:30 followed by tipsy climbing on alphabet rock. Aint much, but its honest work. Fun day with a bit of everything. Has me stoked to get better to exploratory climb the Icicle/Enchantments High Country! P1 (has anyone done that roof?!) Gear Notes: singles 0.3-3, nuts, and purple tri-cam (prob don't need half of that) Approach Notes: Up the steep sandy slope, lots of loose bits higher up
  7. Trip: Lundin Peak - West Ridge Trip Date: 10/27/2020 Trip Report: Went up to check out a climb that I've heard is pretty mellow in the summer. Thought I would share conditions as things begin to change. Went up the Snoqualmie Mtn and the trail itself had some packed snow/ice where microspikes may have been helpful, but you could do without. Rather than split off on the cave ridge trail (which we missed) we decided to continue up Snoqualmie Mtn trail because it was decently defined and then broke off at about ~6,000 feet traversing south of Snoqualmie Mtn to make our way off-trail to the base of the Lundin West Ridge. There was decent enough snow for walking on the approach, but not enough for skiing/snowshoes and not enough to completely diminish some ankle breakers out there in the larger rocks. We got to the west ridge and had fun scrambling along the lightly exposed flat spine/ride to the west of it before heading up the steeper ridge, rather than go down and climb up to the ledge from below. Went up the steeper ridge for a pitch or two and there were few fun moves on clean rock. Avoided the slabby downclimb into the notch by taking the "dirt ledge" on the north. The cracks to get to the slabby downclimb were filled with ice/snow and the slab was a little wet so avoided that. The dirt ledge on the north had calf deep snow, which sucked in rock shoes, but was doable. Got to the notch and was looking up at this section (https://www.mountainproject.com/photo/110422389), but the cracks had snow/ice and was brushing off a little snow on the slabby bits where I could potentially put my feet. Wasn't feeling the wetness/snow on footholds after slipping a few times and lack of cracks so bailed at the notch. For the descent we went back down the cave ridge trail and definitely glad we didnt go up that way because the trail was hard to follow and lots of off-trail fun. Overall, the west ridge still had snow/ice on it, but not enough to make it a complete snow climb, but too much to do in just rock shoes. Some snow/ice in the cracks prevented gear placement/movement in some areas. We could have probably gone more to the north with boots, but naively going with rock shoes hurt us. Maybe better in a few days if it melts a bit more, but unsure with the aspect. Have never done mixed climbing, but bet you could get a few tools in those ice cracks. Gear Notes: Helmet, ice axe and crampons (unneeded) , single set cams 0.4-3, set of nuts, 5 draws (could use a few more) Approach Notes: Snoqualmie Mtn Trail Going off trail on the approach: Looking down at Lundin on the approach: Climbing up the ridge. Went north here into lots of snow to get to the notch: Looking back on the flat spine. Super fun scramble with a bit of exposure: Retreating on the flat spine. Looking back at the climb: The snow was slippery on the descent Cave ridge trail:
  8. [TR] Das Toof - The Tooth Fairy, 5.9+ 08/15/2019

    Went up there yesterday. Great climb and thanks to the developers. Some thoughts: Very well bolted and not as dirty as I expected. 5.9 felt like an appropriate grade. The approach in the early season was a bitch interesting. Jump down into the moat between the snow and rock and scramble over to the start. Pitch 2: Took a second to figure out where it was going after shifting left to get on the top of the face. Keep gaining the ledges, going east along the top of the face, cant see some of the bolts while climbing below, but they are there. Pitch 3: is missing a hanger on the second bolt, felt like 5.7 with some lichen. Pitch 5: A loose block to gain the first roof. Pitch 7: Took some searching to find the single bolt. Look to the right for a left facing dihedral/block that goes up to the summit. Couldn't find anchors/chains on the summit for the life of me, but it is relatively easy to downclimb/scramble. I used a #0.4 and #0.5 C4 and slung a rock to make an anchor. Great views all around, good holds, fun climb.