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  1. Such a great route, thanks for the TR! As you are know well, some excellent images too... looks like you brought 2.8 glass? What's your setup?
  2. I would tend to agree, though we did see some tracks in the snow from a few days prior on our trip. Glad you had a good trip!
  3. The mega slab!!! So rad @JonParker, that's a crazy amount of ground to cover in a couple days! Glad that you linked it all safely and posted up this TR for us to marvel at. Some really great images in there.... I don't think I ever would have thought to run up a creek directly (SC) on a mountain trip. Oh, and there is an old trail coming down Shovel Creek from the lake, but it is hard to find at the top. It becomes better the further down you go, but it strays pretty far from the creek.
  4. This part really got my attention. We climbed it unroped with our axes in low dagger, wearing crampons. Blue collar good times! Thanks for the backstory on the various routes in your books @pms!
  5. [TR] Mount Triumph - Memento Mori 08/29/2022

  6. I think it can depend on the bear. I've had some excellent bear..... but you're not alone, so maybe I got lucky?
  7. question Best approach shoes

    I use the TX4s and they have a bit wider toebox. Pretty nice approach shoe: https://www.sportiva.com/tx4.html
  8. Sounds like a tale, hopefully somebody chimes in! There really aren't that many ascents over the years of that buttress. I would think someone on here would know the owner of that head.
  9. Pub Club - Seattle Area?

    I am too busy with work and home projects, but who knows.....would be fun to actually meet people!
  10. Inquiring minds want to know @Sam Boyce and @Kposaune....did you find the grape soda can @pms may have "forgotten" on the mountain? Legend has it that @Juan Sharp will pay handsomely for it. You covered ground that hasn't been searched yet!
  11. This is what I love about the mountains, well put! And I love having the chance to be able to meet everyday heros like @seano- and @Eric Gilbertson, @pms @rat and @lunger and a bunch of others when roaming the hills. Super inspiring!
  12. Oh man.....that sounds and looks like a terrifying adventure. To willingly go up into that insanity is a display of impressive choss jedi skillz!
  13. [TR] Mt Stuart - West Ridge 08/20/2022

    This whole global 24/7 satellite internet thing is going to get way out of hand. Say goodbye to stargazing as we know it within a couple decades. And great trip report of a classic!
  14. Absolutely. I made it so! Seriously, what an impressive effort and great story. And you actually seemed to be having fun!
  15. [TR] Johannesburg - DD x2 08/21/2022

    I don't have anything to add other than that is amazing history, thanks @pms! And you too @Juan Sharp, though I've heard your stories already. And, of course @JonParker, for living to tell the tale!
  16. Price Glacier on Mt Shuksan

    Yikes. I remember that it didn't inspire confidence even about 10 years ago. A silvery exterior with nugat center!
  17. Daniel Harro

    Oh man....so sorry to hear this. Condolences to his friends and family, I wish that I had met Daniel.
  18. BLUE COLLAR ALPINISM AWARD OF THE WEEK! I know it's only Monday but.... Love it!
  19. There Was Shrinkage!

    I got back from a repeat of the Ptarmigan after 19 years and it is pretty amazing the glacial recession in that time (2003 was a lean snow year and 2022 phat as well). Here are a couple examples: LeConte in 2003: LeConte in 2022: Chickamin Glacier in 2003: Chickamin Gl in 2022:
  20. There Was Shrinkage!

    absolutely, wow!
  21. There Was Shrinkage!

    Good eye @dberdinka! At home, with careful looking, that really jumped out at me. These glacier have thinned dramatically in the last 19 years, as well as retreated. You may not be wrong about them evaporating one day in the not too distant future.
  22. At first I didn't notice the bike in the photo and thought you were referring to the pace he set @olyclimber