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  1. Where's the outrage???????

    here's how Muslims show their outrage: http://www.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/africa/11/21/nigeria.missworld.ap/index.html Kill these savages with prejudice...Crusade.
  2. Avvy beacon

    I have to agree with Beck. I enjoy tearing down 38 degree slopes in the dead of winter. I will always wear a beacon. I've been buried fully and partially, and known folks in the same category. At least with a beacon you have a fighting chance. Phil is right, not all Cascade avalanches are heavy and wet. Most of the heavy wet ones are slow and you can get out of the way. Another good thing about a beacon is if you go into a tree well. There have been several persons killed falling into tree wells that might have been saved if they had been locatable.
  3. Stick death

    quote: Originally posted by Scotch-a-Go-Go: If you don't like protestors/free speech maybe YOU should take the boat ride, little buddy.... You got every right in the world to be uninformed ifn' ya wants ta be. I think you need a Tim Horten's danish and a coffee eh?
  4. Muir snow report?

    I think Caveman's point is that as far as he could tell for the day, we raged up to Pan Point before anyone else that morning-promptly hauled ass in bad light - and yo yo skied some nice leeward aspects filled with coarse granular *including some trees* and some open slopes below the cloud ceiling. We started to ski the waterfall, but decided against it. With the exception of the usual snow tweakers building kickers and landing fakie-pretty much everybody else we saw seemed intent on the cattle trail up to Pan Point and beyond. In the afternoon a group was heading up to the slopes below Paradise glacier which always yields nice turns. The snow cover over on the Tatoosh is looking decent.
  5. Muir Ski?

    Was the recent snowfall enough to make it worth a trip to ski the Muir snowfield? I would like to head up there this morning, but don't feel like skiing ice. Thanks,
  6. Muir Ski?

    Personally I think the snow has been really good, but the weather and visibility haven't.
  7. Hire a sysadmin

    Down for what? 11 hours or so...
  8. Prusik/Enchantments Weather Question

    Are those UVEX goggles?
  9. Hire a sysadmin

    You heard wrong. I work in the adult entertainment industry Alex. Please send resume to fatboyclimber@hotmail
  10. Hire a sysadmin

    Send your resume to recompense@hotmail
  11. drytooling at exit 38

    quote: Originally posted by thelawgod: I know we's all thinking the same thing here, let me be the first to say it: Thelawgoddess: Fucking calm yo ass down!! It's great that you want to take up ice climbing this season--I'm happy for you, but as you've said right here on this board, your total experience is climbing some POS grey low angle ice (aka O-rock)--a whole 400 freaking feet--and doing some ice bouldering. Oh yeah, and that super easy, I-could-climb-it-with-my-eyes-closed, fake wall at Cascade Crags. That said, fucking stop acting like you know what the fuck you're talking about! Listen, you ain't no ice climber yet! You haven't even had a taste of real ice yet. As someone who's climbed ice for several seasons now, let me tell you, be prepared to shit yo fucking pants when you finally get onto something worthy of being refered to as an ice climb. It's scary, and, frankly, you might even find that it's not for you. And look, fucking forget about free soloing, solo TRing, drytooling, etc. Girlfriend, you're looking to get yer self killed. You are WAY over anxious about this whole ice thing. Look, here's my advice to you if you want to be an ice climber: 1. Calm yo ass down. 2. Quit acting like you know wtf you're talking about (and save some bandwidth for the rest of us) 3. Keep practicing with Col. Spanker et al--great exp. for when you actually do try to FOLLOW your first REAL ice climb. 4. Quite trying to be super ice woman--again, too cool that you're taking up this hobby, but ice climbing is not one of those things that you can safely jump into as fast as it appears you're trying to do. Take care o' yo self, and don't fucking get killed on us. This is now officially one of my favorite posts ever. Thank you LawGod
  12. You guys suck

    Climbing mountains is a serious life enhancing activity that has made me the person I am today. Furthermore, this board has really enhanced my overall experience in the mountains and given me much in depth thought about which glacier axe I'll need to send Denali. I am not sure how it's helped my climbing, but it must have somehow because when I am behind my computer I want to touch climbing in some manner. THIS IS IT DUDES! No matter how inane. So let's share some friendly 'ol beta with the gapers out there. YAH! I realize now because of the effort of many fine individuals and their subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, attempts at social engineering that it's important NOT to spray. I should fall in line with the BORG and become one... What is important is that I gain recognition via my postings and culminate the love and respect of my fellow climbers. Posting in a friendly and appreciable manner will lead to this end. Praise BE! AMEN! Hey let's create some catch phrases we can all share together at the next pub club Therefore I resolve to only post useful information on the web so everyone in the climbing community will see me as truly being one with them, and for them. Cause I care. Furthermore, I love Seattle and Oregon liberals. If it weren't for them, transplanted Coloradoans, Californians, midwesterners and Southerners wouldn't have any people to denigrate. Spray War.
  13. newbie needs a guide

  14. newbie needs a guide

    quote: Originally posted by Dustin schmidt: i have done people on the trails. im deffinitly up for new things. Is sensitive and likes meeting people...
  15. Helmet - which one to buy ?

    This is my favorite. Recommend "unsung" be played repetitively and loudly while bombing down north facing couloirs loaded with new snow.
  16. Almost lost my life

    quote: Originally posted by wayne1112: I bivvied halfway up NE butt of Jberg to find 2 feet of snow when I crawled from the cave.It took the rest of my life to get down. I was hit fully by 2 large avalanches during the incredible and desparate downclimb. My hands are sweaty just writing this Don Gonthier related this 2nd hand story story to me about 6 years ago. I remember thinking then that the guy he was talking about must have been totally nuts to begin with. Now I understand completely.
  17. You guys suck

    Spray War?
  18. man, give me someone REAL!

    Move to the south for some southern style republicanism. Ft Benning is hiring I heard...
  19. Have a Great Day!!

    Hey, for the record this is the message I sent Justin. After the nazi comment I didn't feel like I needed to air anything out in public. So I sent him this: posted 11-05-2002 11:58 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I find it amusing that someone who's entire vision of the world (that has obviously been formulated behind a screen of tidey whitey democracy) combined with a liberal education is somehow qualified to speak in earnest about the woes of our political adventures. At least JWL had the courage to stand up and represent for his convictions. What is your conviction? To stand and shout to make yourself heard? I heard somewhere that you may be a teacher Justin Thibault? I'll be sending my kids to the Citadel. _--------------------------------------------
  20. Have a Great Day!!

    So let me get this straight. YOU start an inflamatory political thread, post the picture of the nations most infamous murderer as your avatar, call someone a nazi in a public forum when they make an argument against you, and THEN when I troll you back privately you start whizzing and whining like someone did you an injustice or something? So you can troll me with the veiled threat comment, but when I troll you with the word defamation you blow a gasket? You are about as worthless as I suspected you to Justin. Don't let the fucking door hit you in the ass motherfucker.
  21. Sport climbing for the new millenium

    With the coming ice season it seemed appropriate in light of Dan's recent success (nice one BTW) to resurrect this classic post from the basement. Ice climbing is the sport climbing of the new millenium. If I remember correctly there was a different tone to the intitial post, but what the heck. Maybe Dan has a backup somewhere...
  22. Eldorado NW Couloir TR

    quote: Originally posted by danielpatricksmith: Hiking out took another 6 1/2 hours as we got lost in the talus in the dark (I ended up taking a cartwheeling fall) and Paco's headlamp died. To add injury to insult, I slipped and landed on devil's club just a few minutes away from the car. I still have slivers in my hand. Dang Dan! You should take up golf one of these days!
  23. Tweak Scratch

    http://www.nwog.org/finance.htm I'll send you some money if you promise to move to Nebraska.
  24. Smith

    Muir chinese downhill anyone? Revisit the paintball skiing idea from last winter?
  25. Tweak Scratch

    Pepsi products OK with you OW?