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  1. I'm taking a friend up Adams and he wants to do the South Side (newbie, plus he had a relative climb the South Side years ago and he wants to do the same route). Anyway, I've climbed Adams 3 times but never from the south, so I am wondering how long the approach is from the trailhead to the Lunch Counter? Any help is greatly appreciated, Craig
  2. Fejas, I did the North Face of the West Ridge a couple of years ago with FunGuy (actually we dissagreed about what route we did, but after a couple of people looked at the pictures I feel confident in saying this was the route we did). This is looking up the second pitch, FunGuy is standing on the West Ridge. This is the view looking down from the top of the second pitch. We gained the ridge near the big rock on the right where the ridge makes the bend. This is the start of the third pitch. Very fun climbing and quite easy as I remember. This is looking up at the last "technical" portion of the climb, from where FunGuy is standing it was a very short scramble to the summit. I don't know if any of these will help, but thats what I have to offer on this one. Craig
  3. Oh, come on now. I know someone out there knows where you can car camp around Paradise. Craig
  4. I'm wanting to head to the Paradise area to check out the flowers and do some general photography. I'm still recovering from shoulder surgery and not able to carry a backpack. Is there an area where I can sleep in my truck? I plan on being there for wed. and/or thur. night if that makes any difference? Any information on this will be greatly appreciated. Criag
  5. I'm not positive where I read it but I remember reading that high altitude climbers (I believe they were talking about 15,000 feet and above) can burn as much as 6,000 calories per day. The article was about meal planning for climbs and expeditions. Craig
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    This is exactly my plan once I'm able to move around without the assistance of a handful of perc's So is it aiding if I do a hike/scramble on med's? Craig
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    Now this sounds interesting. Masters of Stone, can these be rented and how many are there? Craig
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    Since I have 3 months rehab to look forward to (according to the doctor) after my shoulder surgery I have some time on my hands. I've already watched all my favorite movies so I figure its time to rent a few. What climbing movie (fiction or documentary) do you like or recommend? Keep in mind I'm on some good pain meds so it doesn't have to be too good of a movie for me to say aaaahhhh, coooool Just for the record, I haven't taken enough pills to sit through Vertical Limit again. Anyway, typing with one hand sucks so I'll look forward to some good leads on some good flicks. Thanks, Craig
  9. That whats so great about this web-site!! Craig
  10. I was wondering what the views are like from the Thumb Rock camp site on Liberty Ridge? I'm thinking of heading up there for a photo trip, I don't plan on summiting this will strickly be for photography. Also, how is the approach? Is it extreme technical climbing or straight forward? Any information would be greatly appreciated (including any photos showing the view). Thanks, Craig
  11. If it ever froze hard enough then climbing St Helens from the "inside" of the crater would be a hoot, a loooooonnnnngggg approach for sure, but hey 2,500 feet of near vertical climbing!!!!!!! Craig
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    Anyone know if the Golden Eagles are nesting at Smith Rock yet? Craig
  13. "hey little boy come over here.....HEY YOU, GET THE HELL OFF OF ME.......your mamma boulders!!" The possibilities are endless. Craig
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