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  1. Hart mtn refuge climbing

    You can climb (more like hike ups) the Hart Mountain range peaks. I was just down there and did Warner Peak. Its a neat area but some other peaks further east that merit consideration are Pueblo Peak and Pueblo West. Here's a link to summitpost for Warner Peak
  2. the best digital camera for the mountains

    I have the Canon G3 and S410 and they both are outstanding. If you are a Costco member, they are having a great sale on the S500. Check it out at this Costco offer.
  3. 50 Highpoints in the winter

    Other difficult winter peaks: Granite Peak in Montana and Gannett Peak in Wyoming. I remember reading the -148 book some years back and I salute Dave Johnston for quite an accomplishment.
  4. [TR] Fallacy Peak - West Ridge 3/13/2005

    I've really been enjoying your TR's/pics. John sent me his TR on this one and you guys have just been having way too much fun.
  5. 15% code at REI

    REVA4 Exp 2/28 Worked for me today.
  6. Glucosamine, yeah or nay?

    I get "joint juice" (gluco & chondro) at Costco and this formulation works well for me. I'm 64 and have had knee problems and I feel that the "juice" works the best of what I've tried. My knee problem is a tear of the medial medicus but not bad enough to require surgery. If the "juice" is what is making the difference, it is a lot cheaper than having surgery IMO. I still do lots of climbing, including Hood, Shasta, Adams and the like and I plan to still be doing this stuff another 20 years or so, so I'll be drinking a lot of "juice". BTW, my physical therapist recommends taking it as well as doing the exercises that will strengthen the knee area.
  7. REI deal

    Thanks for the info, just in time for Christmas presents (mine).
  8. good dentist needed

    I'd rather have a dentist who talked alot (if he talks about climbing or hiking) than the kind who say nothing. The problem with the provider list dental options is that there are some PPO's that very few dentists will join. You might considermaking a visit to one or more of those on your list. Just do a walk in and see how you are treated. It'll give you a chance to check out the office without getting appointed for treatment and see if things are friendly and up to date. Good luck.
  9. Hernia?

    I've had two hernia operations, one on each side. There is a simple self test you can do for yourself. Do you remember the old "cough" test? You slide your finger up the inguinal canal (behind one of the jewels you mention) and cough. If you have a tear, you'll feel the intestine press against your finger. If you feel that, see your doctor. Also, if you feel that pressure you mentioned, put pressure there with your hand and see if the discomfort goes away or is lessened. If it does either, see your doctor. They sell a truss in some of the drug stores that puts pressure against the hernia area and that is a short term fix. If you take care of a hernia in the early stages, its a fairly easy fix. If you wait around like I did before getting it fixed, it can cost you a couple days in the hospital and a couple weeks recovery time. Get it diagnosed and treated ASAP.
  10. Jet Boil stove

    I have had one for about 5 months and I really like the convenience for most situations. However, it failed me on Mt. Shasta, couldn't get the piezo lighter to fire it up. I've used that stove now about ten times and that was the only time it didn't work. The altitude of course ( 10K )despite the fact I kept the canister as warm as I could. Fortunately, my partner had an MSR and that worked fine. I had taken the Jet Boil along just to see how it would perform at altitude. Other than that, super easy to use.
  11. glacier pk

    Thanks Josh, I'll check that out.
  12. glacier pk

    Anyone done the Little Wenatchee trail, then to White Pass and up over Disappointment Peak? If so, what was your take of this route and mileage involved. I'm looking for a possible southern route. Thanks
  13. [TR] Mt Baker- North Ridge 6/18/2004

    Great TR, read like a dime store novel but now I have to go to work and face my own reality (work sucks in good weather)
  14. Conditions around colchuck lake...

    I was up there today and maybe a couple pics will worth bea thousand words.
  15. mt adams lost camera

    I wonder if it joined up with the compact flash card I left up near the false summit. It wasn't the same level of loss as yours but it had all my summit pics on it and there were some good ones. Life sucks when that happens. I hope someone finds your camera.