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  1. Whitehorse

    There was a climbing accident on Whitehorse this weekend. An unchecked fall from what I heard from a SMR pal. Bummer...
  2. New Hair Color for Our Heart throb.

    I still love you Rachel if you read this...
  3. 8 mile road?

    That would probably work, but it was easy to just boot the last mile and there was 14 inches of new snow so we could skin from just past the deadfall. On the way out it was mostly melted out except for right at the trailhead.
  4. 8 mile road?

    Road was open on Saturday, but there was deadfall across the road just short of the eightmile turnoff point. It would be driveable all the way with a 4x4 if the logs are cleared.
  5. Snoqualmie mtn.

    Stability in the area is great, but latent hazards surely exist...we are contemplating Big Snow tomorrow. You are welcome to join us. [ 04-26-2002, 11:47 AM: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  6. Spray and slander

    Mueller what's your damage little man? If you have a problem why don't you quit trying to slander people publically- step up to the plate- and see how far you get pounded out of the stadium leg... I don't understand this crusade you've undertaken, but if you want to get rowdy let's just do it, and get it over with. Otherwise why don't you just go have some fun in the mountains with your friends and I'll do the same.
  7. Diamir Freeride

    It also has a beefed up toe section correcting earlier design/usage flaws.
  8. Dreaming of Denali; A Ski Descent of Mt. McKinley

    I was just alking to that Sisu Sunomi guy in North Bend and he was talking about some guy named George who runs some snowboard shop in Glacier...he also has one of those ski winches...if you team up you could have a backcountry resort...I'll portage the BBcue...team Gander Mountain on security...
  9. Semi epic on Leuthold

    Didn't you see the rap bolts?
  10. Dreaming of Denali; A Ski Descent of Mt. McKinley

    I had a NF jacket once...well I still have it hidden in the closet...I used to get really wet when wearing it, AND it weighed a ton. However, I felt like I might have somehow looked cool. Then I saw that everyone had one, so I just bought a jacket that works well instead. I think the brand name was Arcteryx or something like that...or maybe it was the WEST POLE BRAND! I forget...
  11. How many miles 'till retirement?

    I have some used Montrail Hurricane GTX's for sale. Only ran about 50 miles in them (mostly to 7-11 for smokes). Bongwater stains should wash out easily...John Griber would be proud... Best offer... [ 04-24-2002, 02:44 PM: Message edited by: mikeadam ]
  12. Limited Access to Mt. St. Helens

    Hey this is really helpful...I guess there is such a thing as GOOD beta...
  13. Halling and Ruch have weakened and turned to the dark side of home ownership & career longevity. Pussies! Need midweek partners for suffering, slogging, cursing, two planking, boarding, pins, postholing, freezing, mud climbing. Novices welcomed. Affinity for loud hardcore music and Black Sabbath a plus. mikeadamson@alpinelite.com
  14. Lane Peak

    Wait dude! You forgot to mention that you had soloed it naked with a watermelon tied to your waist in the route description AND you did not drop any names about who you climbed it with or even the bunkhouse you stayed at. This sounded suspiciously close to accurate and intelligent beta. What gives?
  15. Mountaineers in Leavenworth this weekend

    Correction...we will ALWAYS accept applications from HOT chicks who tele/rando backcountry or lead WI/5.11...or just hot chicks period...
  16. REI report

    Mitch, will I get a substantial dividend after this transaction? What is the return policy? Are we talking post 11th grade shape, or post frat party condition here?
  17. REI report

    ok, I'll throw in some old cordelette I took off Pretty Nuts...and some pepperoni sticks from my last trip out...
  18. REI report

    I've got an old torn Beckey book I will trade for Rachel Babkirk...
  19. Is Jon a gaper?

    welcome to the club!

    I'm kind of getting into climbing dirt, talus, and steep heather...sketchy snow is a close favorite too...
  21. Is Jon a gaper?

    One who gapes....
  22. Mark Twight Fan Club

    Free speech for the dumb?
  23. You call this jibberish SPRAY!

    That's probably just because you've never actually MET me Ryan...
  24. WANTED FOR IMMEDIATE HIRE! Due to friendly death threats one of the moderators and esteemed CTO of CC.com has decided to step aside. We are seeking individuals willing to put in long hours while engendering much needless stress. YOU may be just the person we desire! Qualifications Required: None We offer the following: Benefits: NonePerks: NoneBennies: NoneSalary: None Apply in person or on line at recompense@hotmail.com Thanks!