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  1. FS Fritschi, K2 Shuksan,pack & white gas

    Moving sale, must sell skis reduce to $75
  2. Used Stubai Ultralight Universal Crampons + Anti-Snow Plate $75.00 Product Description Built to handle a myriad of different climbing pursuits, the Ultralight is our top selling 10 point crampon. This crampon lives for trekking, glacier travel or steep couloirs and snowfields. One of the few aluminum crampons proven to hold up under repeated rock bashing. Light and strong. Fits everything from ice boots to approach shoes with the award winning UNIVERSAL SPEED BINDING with adjustable Zytel straps Contact me @ erick.johnson@ch2m.com or 425-864-6528 Erick Johnson
  3. Brand new in the box pair of Fritshi Freeride Pro ML Bindings + Brakes $420 Used K2 Shuksan 160 Skis, no bindings + I will throw in Black Diamond Ascension Skins $125.00 new price $90.00 Backcountry Access Stash BC blue/gray like new $30.00 Free gallon of white gas Contact me @ erick.johnson@ch2m.com or 425-864-6528
  4. *** GONE **** FREE STUFF

    I have some free equipment I like to give away. 1 gallon of white gas Charlet Moser Black Ice step-in crampons Charlet Moser Axar Hammer Black Diamond X-15 Hammer 10 year old Blue Water 60x11mm rope with Black Diamond rope bag La Sportiva rock shoes size 39, blue unknown model La Sportiva rock shoes size 40??, old school tan with high ankles, unknown model Contact me @ erick.johnson@ch2m.com or 425-864-6528
  5. [TR] Enchantments Tour - Various Walk-Ups, C2C 7/

    The camera is Panasonic DMC-ZR3 14meg with 10x zoom.
  6. timmy_t it was nice meet @ Sahale camp on Monday. What incredible fall day. I hope you don't mind me posting some pictures on your TR that I took up there on Monday. Erick Big scenery = big pictures
  7. Better Bootlace Knot?

    I do the standard shoelace knot with extra twist in the starting knot ending with a double knot. Also when waterproofing the boots I do the laces too. It keeps the laces from getting saturated, freezing and the added friction keeps the knots tight.
  8. Mt. Stuart in Winter

    Winter access from the North is really easy only extra 2.5 miles road walking to get Colchuck Lake TH. Couple of years ago I was able to climb Ice Cliff Gl. in one long day in Feb. Also, I don't think the Sherpa Gl. route is any harder then the Cascadian. Ice Cliff Gl. 02/26/2005 TR
  9. Bandit Peak

  10. Bandit Peak

    To answer my own question. I went home for lunch and found the mountain on page 147 green Beckey. No where near where I though it was located. That couloir sure looks intriguing. Anyone been up there?
  11. Bandit Peak

    It’s been a slow morning at work, so I have been browsing through John Scurlock incredible photos. I been looking at this photo of Bandit Peak listed in Central & North Cenral Cascades gallery. Anyone know where this mountain is located? I searched USGS topo and did find anything. From one of the photos it looks like its South of Kyes Peak. Link to gallery page:Bandit Peak
  12. WTB Avalanche Transceiver

    Thanks for suggestions, I was in a crunch to have a transceiver for last Saturday. I ended up buy a new from REI and got in some nice turns at Baker Saturday morning. Erick
  13. WTB Avalanche Transceiver

    Anyone have a used transceiver they like to sell? Looking for BCA Tracker or Ortovox Thanks Erick (425 864-6528)
  14. that would be great!!! thanks